From “this” to “that!”: How to look your BEST on Wedding Day

May 29

When it comes to your wedding day appearance, it’s safe to say it matters! You want to look your wedding day best; a bride of picture perfect perfection. No?!  

Most brides start thinking out “THE dress” the moment the ring slips on. And from there, its an emotional roller coaster. From starting the hunt, to careful deliberation and the inevitable, “yes to the dress,” you’ll ponder your look, ensuring its everything you’ve ever imagined.

For some, a traditional look is perfect; I’ll be there first to say, I LOVE it! Traditional equals classic and classic equals timeless. Who doesn’t love the idea of adoring their wedding day look 30 years from now?

However, on the flip side of the coin, theres trendsetting: unique, fresh, different. I too, adore a good dose of BOLD. But how about a happy medium?

Today, we look at a few ways of incorporating a little more pizzaz in your wedding day appearance. Let’s get started, shall we?

 From Angelic to Alluring

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Always intrigued by the possibility of a pink gown? How about robyn’s egg blue or a feminine shade of lilac? Pastels are all the rage this season, from floral to decor and even attire. Keeping the color soft and romantic will ensure your look remains “bridal,” while slightly pushing the envelope.

From Polished to Poised

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A veil not your thing? Trust me, you’re not alone. Many brides are opting for a more versatile and personal hair piece, such as an embellished headband, a lace head wrap, family broaches and even top hats!

From Darling to Drama

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While traditional bridal jewellery is stunning, many woman prefer pieces that stand out;  something that speaks on behalf of the bride and reflect her bold, effervescent personality. And don’t be afraid to go chunky. Big doesn’t necessarily mean gaudy; go for classic elements,  like pearls or lace, simply amped up a notch!

From Sleek to Salute!

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I’m the first to swoon for a lovely long gown, but for many it’s simply not practical. Be it a more casual wedding or perhaps not suiting to your style, shorter alternatives are taking the scene. With countless opportunities to accessorize and style, a shorter gown can be striking and sweet! Word of advice: counter balance the length with a more conservative neckline or shrug.

From Pretty to POW!

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Let’s not forget your merry maids… There’s no rule they can’t go all out! For a more vibrant look, think about adding a pattern or texture to their frock. They’ll feel sassy and playful all at the same time!

From Second Dress to Second’s Best

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Ah, yes. The second dress. It’s becoming increasingly common for many brides to change. Some opt for a completely different look and dress. But for me, I felt as if my time in it was FAR too short. Alas, I see the desire to change and exit with a POW. Think about dressing down your gown, by adding funky  shoes and a top. Don’t have a two piece? Add a belt, bigger earrings, boots and a killer overcoat!

And there you have it. Simple, effective and striking ways, of upping your bridal ante. Now tell me, how do you plan to do so?! 

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