Why hire a Wedding Planner | the Truth Part 1

December 2

Why hire a wedding planner? My answers may surprise you….

It saddens me to hear that many people cannot understand why to hire a wedding planner, believing their job is simply to beautify. And while that is a minor element, a planners job is much more vital! Having one present, can be the difference between an A-class event and day of mishaps and countless “oops’.”

So, over the next little while, I dedicate time to education and sharing why I’m passionate about my job; educating the bride on what, as wedding planners, we actually do. And how relevant and essential they are, to the success of an affair to be truly remembered!

 Preparing my brides the moment before they dawn the aisle Treasured memories captured by [Stu-di-o] Jeanie

1. Your Time is Money

Today, the average wedding takes more than 250 hours to plan. Add in a few DIY projects, thrift store hunting/ antiquing, a bit of unique styling and you’re well on your way to a full time job. For most brides, that roles already been filled!

Here’s where a planner comes in; they’ll do the leg work, so your free times stays (relatively) free and your work hours stay focused. By mapping out a solid plan, along with a detailed vision, an event planner will source the appropriate vendors, that match your unique style, handle the communication and hand you the best results!

They do the grunt work; you get to shop, personalized.


2. Money in your pocket

As many have discovered, wedding planners are well connected. Through their years of experience, they have networked with the industry’s finest. They know who specialized in what, who’s strengths fall in what area and which budget bracket vendors fall in. And many times, a well established planner, can negotiate a discount that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

On a separate money note, planners are sticklers for budget. Budget, Budget, Budget! When it comes to finding vendors and executing your vision, a planner will show you the best for what you’re working with and is well versed at finding the perfect alternative.


3. Relationship Referee

You’ll soon discover, if you haven’t already, weddings are an extremely stressful time; arguments are frequent and differences in opinion/ desire come roaring to the forefront. Whether its your spouse, family or the friend that wants to help, a planner will act as your buffer and present ideas as a unbiased and well intended third party. Many times, they extinguish the fire, before the fuel has arrived!

When a planner is present, both through the planning process and on the wedding day, responsibilities/ burdens are lifted from your family, and their left as guests, who can truly enjoy the moment. Heaven forbid someone drops the ball or completes their task subpar, your planner is their to encourage, adjust and ensure perfection.


4. Chaos Control

Yes, I’ll own “the barer of bad news”….. this time! There is always, and I mean always, something that goes wrong at a wedding. Be it small or large, no bride needs that headache.

This goes for you hands on brides, also! Having a wedding planner, will give you the most surreal bridal experience available; with a planner on hand, you’ll truly savour the moment, leaving the headaches and fuss to the one who knows it best.
You remain the lady of the hour, rather than, the hostess with the mostess!


5. You’re the boss….

….Not the caterer, the venue or the floral designer; your planner keeps the focus in check; ensuring, as a couple, you remain the director extraordinaire. A planner knows your dreams and vision, using it as a guide for all elements coming together.

As individuals, different words have different meanings and different buzz words, create different pictures. To one person, vintage can be shabby chic, sophisticated and feminine. And to another, it can mean rustic, distressed and laid back.Your planner will communicate clearly with your vendors and along with your vision board, keeps all collaborations in line. The vision, at all times, remains your interpretation, with no room for error.


There’s still more?! You bet.  Stay tuned for part 2, next week! 

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