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June 12

With almost every couple, there comes a time when the inevitable gets asked..

Should we do a first look or keep things traditional?

First off, let’s define a “first look”.

A first look is when the bride and groom get an opportunity to see each other before they walk down the aisle. Many times, the couple will choose a special spot to do this and incorporate mementoes to make the moment special. This could be holding hands with their backs to each other before turning around, writing card which they read before appearing before each other, or opening gifts that they handmade with each in mind… just to name a few.

For most couples, while they love the idea of a first look, they’re unsure if this new concept is really for them or if they’d prefer to do things the traditional way.

I will say this: There are many factors which can effect whether or not a first look is your best option. But given every ideal, I would hands done vote the way of a first look! And here’s why…

Keeps the jitters at bay

Most brides anticipate being emotional. Sometimes, so does the groom [but he won’t admit it, will he?!].

By having a first look, you get the opportunity to see each other in a private setting and let out all those initial nerves.

You’re able to hear his “WOW”, talk, embrace each other, not to mention kiss, without having to wait 30 minutes before hearing what he’s thinking. You can hold each other for as long as you need if there’s tears, without holding up a ceremony or making things awkward for watching guests. And If you need a makeup touch up, there’s still time before you dawn the aisle.


You remember what it’s all about

Sometimes we get carried away and allow the fuss of the day to steal our focus. Family dynamics, decor, timelines and logistics galore;  they can absorb our attention and every concern.

But by having a first look, you intentionally stop and focus on why you’re even here and what matters most at the end of the day. As Big and Carrie put it, sometimes all we need is to remember that “It’s just us two.”

Everything else is simply icing on the cake.


why do a first lookTweet: Sometimes all we need is to remember that “It’s just us two.” 



Makes for priceless keepsake photos

Bare none, first look photos win. When I’m scrolling through a set, they’ll be the first ones I look for!

They show the heart of the couple getting married and the intimate moments that typically no one is privy to witness. It’s a window into their love story and the love that binds them together.

Men feel comfortable to react vulnerably, sharing what they’re really thinking and possibly even shedding a tear. And women get the opportunity to see it and savour the moment, while parading for their husband like they’ve secretly dreamed of for months or even years.


You can savour every moment following

Your first look is the perfect lead in to bridal party photos. Get it all done before your ceremony starts!

Not only does that mean you get to enjoy cocktail hour with your friends and family [you hardly get enough mingling time as it is], but you get to frolic with your bridal party without feeling rushed to get back to guests.

In my opinion, thats nothing short of a win-win.


Truthfully, theres more and I could go on for hours. But I will say this, Dave and I still agree that our first look was the moment we treasured most from our entire wedding day!


What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the first look or do you wish to keep things traditional. Share in the comments below!


Sarah and Trevor's unforgettable first moment captured by Matt Kennedy.



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