Wedding Trends | The jewels of 2012

January 17

Part of being a stylist, is keeping up with current wedding trends.

With each new season, my gears start turning from aaaallll the shiny new things, that catch my magpie eye! And it is my great pleasure to present 2012’s fabulous new jewels, today.

There’s lots of goodness to reveal, but before we dive in, I want to remind you of one thing….

Love never goes out of style.

And here at KME, I personally aspire to transcend current trends and present genuine affairs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love new and sparkly just as much as the next guy, but lets not forget the heart of your story… you and him... and that which makes YOU smile.

Enough with the lecture.. bring on the goodies! 

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Starting top left and moving to the right….

  • Bridesmaids that Pop

In leu of pastel shades, frocks will fancy in vibrant pops of color. No need to match or coordinate in style, its time to have some fun and let your girls select their favorite look. Many brides are searching mainstreams shops like H&M and BHLDN over traditional bridal salons.

  • Attention to Deal

Right up the KME alley, couples are continuing to dive into the world of personalization. No detail too small, it’s time to show your guests JUST how much you care. Not only did you choose decor that matches your personal style, as well adorn your bouquet with Grandma’s Broach, you took the time to to flag the straws and label the accents! It’s called the extra mile, folks.

  • Elaborate Veils

We’re talking two extreme opposites here, friends: Oversized birdcages and Cathedral length veils. Cute and Whimsy has taken a backseat to drama! And in keeping with such boldness, the classic black sash with reappear for brides seeking oomph! 

  • Jewel toned Hues

Vibrant jewel tones are the hit of this year, giving way to loads of personality and spunk; Tangerine and Teal appear to top the list.

  • Family Style Cuisine

In keeping with personalization, couples are looking to create a cozy and familiar environment. Elaborate hors d’oeuvres and Family style cuisine will trump, modest portion, plated dinners.

  • Natural Elements & Simple Arrangements

Couples are leaning towards natural garden inspired arrangements, organically displayed in simple vases and home-grown accessories, like old fashioned tins.

  • A return to romance

This year brides will fancy elegant lace sleeves and feminine shrugs, paying homage to the romance of a classic era.

  • Cookies and Cake Pops

From cupcakes to cake pops, this single serving delicacy will delight, while cookies and milk will appear in the form of cakes and buffet stations.


So tell me: Do you have anything planned that encorporates 2012’s jewels?!

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