My 1st Wedding Anniversary | Whistler BC

September 4

The past few months both my husband and I racked our brains for some fabulously fun wedding anniversary ideas. While we came up with countless elaborate options that would not only cost a small fortune, but require us both taking time off we don’t have, we ultimately decided on one that felt like the best of all worlds; the perfect compromise, some might say!

Whistler BC it was; a short 2 hour scenic drive from home to an outdoor playground of both luxury and comfort. To boot, we could bring our “baby” Guinness, an element that frequently weights heavy on our hearts and our plans.

First up was Brandywine Falls, an easy and somewhat short hike in Squamish. A quick pit stop on the way to Whistler, it was the perfect way to stretch our legs half way and give poochy a chance to let off steam before arriving at the hotel.

Not only were the trails beautifully manicured, but the spot features two breathtaking look outs that blow the 15 minute hike right out of the water! For most of our favourite scenic experiences, we’ve had to hike miles and countless hours in, to reap the rewards.

All in all, I’d recommend you venture there some time. It’s incredibly worth while and ideal for those of you, who aren’t necessarily hikers. 

Shortly there after, we checked into the stunning and equally magical Fairmont Chateau Whistler. While some may proclaim the Fairmont chain to be stuffy and catering to the older generation, I applaud its fairytale branding across the board. Rarely do I experience a fairmont property I’m not entirely drawn into; never ceasing to make me stare in awe!

Not only were we welcomed with impeccable service, but were treated to a beautiful honeymoon suite with luxurious furnishing and the most  majestic  of views. Even Guinness approved! Talk about spoilt, dapper dog!

We cheersed happy hour with a luscious bottle of our favourite vino, “adult only” chocolate chip cookies that we picked up at a local market [Dark Belgium Chocolate, Rosemary + Sea Salt] and savoured the view in our matching robes! Absolute perfection, Veenstra style.

The next day, we enjoyed the simple pleasures Whistler offers, countless incredible mountain hikes. Varying from easy to difficult and boasting beautiful views and wildlife, we were captivated. Nearly every turn, we encountered mother nature at her finest and fabulous photo opportunities in plenty. Guinness was in heaven exploring freely! 

Like many of you, Dave and I swoon for incredible culinary experiences. So that evening, he treated me to lakeside dining at Aura Restaurant. This sensational gem is rated one of Whistler’s finest for food and the best for views. It truly does not get any better than this, lovelies!

Our table was nestled right amongst the waters edge, over looking the setting sun and serene mountain lake. I can’t count on one hand how many times I exclaimed, “Wow!” Every morsal of food and every glance around the setting left us feeling spoilt beyond words.

Should you be blessed to experience this restaurant yourself, be sure to try their giant chocolate macaroon dessert. It’s heaven for your taste buds…seriously!!! 

Our final day in Whistler was the highlight of our trip. Dave requested to “pamper” me for our anniversary. So I obliged, naturally! But truth be told, it’s been an extremely abundant year for us. And while we wouldn’t change a minute of it, we can both acknowledge it’s been a big year of growth, challenge and blessings which we happily met with vigour and triumph, God willing! So needless to say, a relaxing day at the spa was well deserved on both our fronts.

The Scandinave Spa features a therapeutic and almost hypnotic cycle of  hot baths, refreshing waterfalls and relaxation centres that truly invigorate the body and relax the mind. Engulfed in a spruce and cedar forest on the edge of Lost Lakes, the spa overlooks awe-inspriring mountain vistas and valleys. And with the baths and relaxation areas dispersed amongst multiple levels, you can truly appreciate the view for all it’s worth.

Dave and I savoured the experience for nearly 5 hours and found such nostalgia and romance in the hammock haven. There, we could relax in each others arms in their two person hammocks in the trees. I cannot say enough about this experience; a must try for every one of you, my friends!

That evening, as a final salute and hurrah for the trip, we shared a bottle of our wedding champagne that had been saved for the occasion and some delicious west coast sushi!


I’m so grateful for not only the experiences we shared on our first wedding anniversary but for the friendship and companionship I share with my husband. He truly completes me and it’s his love and joy that make every day bright. God really knew what he was doing when we made Eve for Adam! Amen?!

So tell me: What are some of your favourite wedding anniversary ideas?










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