DIY Vintage Wedding Planning: KME live on CTV

July 4

Vintage Wedding Planning in Vancouver

On June 15, 2012 I had the ultimate pleasure of gracing CTV for a live segment on Vintage Wedding Planning. I could not have been more tickled, when the producer reached out addressing me as Vancouver’s Vintage Wedding Planning Expert; delightful and such an honour! 

“What’s all the fuss?” He asked. “We want to know what makes Vintage Weddings different and how brides can achieve the look, predominantly themselves.” Could there be a topic I am MORE passionate about? Nope! 

So off I went, my rah- rah team in tow [enter my mom + gorgeous hubby] to infuse the noon hour news with passion and sweet whimsy. My ultimate goal was to showcase a look brides could create utilizing household items, family treasures and inexpensive finds from thrift shops and discount chains. I wanted to show the “WOW” without breaking the bank. Brides need to know its possible with a bit of savvy perseverance and patience.

From vintage music sheets, I created place mats, DIY paper crafts, accented old books and stationary. Careful styling of my grandma’s heirloom pieces, crystal candlesticks and garden blooms brought the table centre to life.

As a unique place setting, I displayed a china pattern that had significance to me and a sweet teacup set. Inside the teacup was a single serving bag of loose leaf tea, making the perfect guest favour for tea enthusiasts. Coupled with a retro rock sugar stick, you’d make a statement out of a necessity.

One of the other points I wanted to make, is that when it comes to vintage weddings, there truly are no rules. What you want and what you say goes! Don’t want a sit down dinner, no problem. Host lunch in the park on blankets. Don’t care for cake? Forget it. Consider a dessert bar that tickles your sweet [or savoury] tooth!

We’ve all seen the candy bar and infamous cupcake display. How about a pie buffet featuring all your family’s signature recipes? Or perhaps you’d prefer an ice cream or smores station! The options are certainly endless. For the segment, I chose to display a cookies and milk buffet. Grandma’s famous chocolate chips cookies and an adorable canister of milk. What’s not to love?! 

When it comes to your attire as a bride, many opt not to wear their mother or grandmother’s gown. Instead, have your favourite features of their gown transferred onto your new and more modern dress. Shown here, is moms veil lace turned empire belt.

Have a treasured pearl set you could wear to honour grandma? If not, consider adorning your bouquet with an heirloom jewellery piece, as below. Another statement piece, you’ll create a focal point out of something that holds meaning and significance.

This memorable day could not have been possible without the gracious help of many others:

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