Whimsical Country Farm Wedding| Vancouver Barn Wedding Part 2

December 16

I didn’t think it could happen again, but it did. I sat down to write the conclusion of Amber and Morgan’s whimsical vancouver barn wedding and the emotions started to pour. The same thing happened when I wrote part 1

I attribute it to all we walked through together and the pride I feel for having watched these two consistently choose what mattered most – even when it was hard – throughout their year and a half journey to the aisle.

When I count my blessings, I count these two and their family twice… OK, maybe three times!

When I have the pleasure of styling my clients wedding, one of my [many] favourite moments comes mid day; when I get to finally reveal the finished product! There’s something so special and dear to me about seeing a brides face when her dream has finally become reality…

when all the hours, days and sometimes even years of crafting, waiting and dreaming come together and it’s SO MUCH BETTER than they could have ever imagined. That is what I pray for each and every time!

Amber’s reaction blew my every hope and expectation out of the water. She was overjoyed, overwhelmed and absolutely delighted. Her face simply could not hide it.

I am beyond grateful to Matt and Carissa Kennedy for capturing this time we shared together. Take note photographers: This is what sets incredible photographers apart from good ones; taking the time to go above and beyond, even for your fellow professionals!

Truth be told, this had to be one of my absolute favourite dessert bars to style! Not only did I have incredible decor to work with but the sweet treats were out of this world adorable not to mention delicious. [I had to taste test of course] The LOVE marquis sign, a gift from one of the brides girlfriends, took the cuteness factor right out of this world.

Guests were so in love with everything, they snapped pictures in front of it constantly throughout the night and the bar was nearly bone dry come the end of the evening. An absolute success of a sweets table if I’ve ever seen one.

And then there was the super sweet comic book themed cake topper. When they coined the wedding Geek CHIC, they truly hit it on the nail. Every nod to their shared loved of comic books and super heroes was tasteful and undeniably adorable.

The atmosphere throughout the evening was one of familiarity, comfort and family; every guest mattered and professional included. Each individual was assured of their value in being there and made to feel special in some way.

The heartbeat of Amber, Morgan and their families wrapped my own in immense gratitude to have been a part of their journey to the aisle.

The truth is, I had one incredible team by my side for this wedding and I absolutely could not have done it without them. They worked tirelessly over an 18 hour day to make this vision come together and execute it with poise, class and professionalism. Thank you seems so small; you know who you are!

My gratitude doesn’t end there; it extends to the many people and companies that brought their passion and talents to our collaborative team:


  • Wedding Planner and Stylist | Kailey Michelle Events
  • Decor | Brides personal Collection + DIY projects
  • Venue | Harris Barn 
  • Photography | Matt Kennedy Photos
  • Videography | Steve Williems 
  • Flowers | Floralista
  • Sweets and Cake | Spiritual Ingredients 
  • Catering | Two Peas in a Pod 

And incase you haven’t yet had your fill enough, you can relive the magic of their day:



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2 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    Fell in love with every bits of this wedding!

    • Thank you my friend! It was an incredible wedding to be a part of and Im blessed to have clients that are as lovely and beautiful as the visions they allow me to bring to life for them <3