The thing I hear from couples that breaks my heart

June 13

Today, I feel compelled to share what’s on  my heart-  something that’s been weighing on me a lot lately. Since returning home from Engage!13, this something has been a driving  force, in making small changes to the way I present what Kailey Michelle Events is all about and why we so passionately do what we do.

As a stylist and self professed detail junkie, I love fussing over the aesthetics as much as anyone. Every nook and cranny. All elements considered!  But the truth is, the design and “show” should never overshadow what the wedding day is all about. Sadly, too often it does.

At times, I meet with couples who present a perfectly pretty vision complete with DIY projects and fabulous details from A-Z, but when I ask them why  “this or that” and the meaning behind their fantasy, they stare back at me blankly.

  1. “I saw it on Pinterest.”

  2. “My friend had roses. She’ll think I copied her.” 

  3. “It looks extravagant and I want guests to be impressed.” 

To be perfectly frank, my heart breaks a little when I hear these things.

What I was hoping for was their love story, their family culture or the sentiment behind an heirloom. To me, details should have roots and lie in meaning….

Not picked simply for the sake of making a statement.

With the revolution of Pinterest, wedding blogs, and countless magazines, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in creating a wedding that’s “not your own” and instead a big production. And before you know it, you’re planning a wedding that’ll impress but has no heart – Where guests will look around and not see you, but a magazine rip out of someone else’s day.

At Kailey Michelle Events, we believe the true beauty of your wedding day, lies in the experience; both yours, your family’s and your friends. It’s a time to savour every sensation and celebrate  life’s most joyous moments; the ones you’ll share with your daughter when she asks, “Mommy, tell me a fairytale…”

  • The laughter of your girls on your final “sleep over” as a single women

  • Daddy’s squeeze of the hand right before he walks you down the aisle

  • Momma’s proud look when she see’s you dawn her veil

  • Locking eyes with your sweety like it’s the very first time and the butterflies that follow

  • Hearing Mr. and Mrs, like you’ve practiced saying in your heart

  • Frolicking through the city taking photos with your favourites by your side

  • Celebrating with those dearest to you; the ones who have helped shape the person you are today


We aim to transcend current trends to present genuine affairs. Because a truly exquisite wedding is one thread with personal sentiment. From your flowers, to your favours and everything in between, we believe the details of your day should illuminate your one-of-a-kind love and share your story with guests and friends. It’s more than choosing something for aesthetics, but weaving in your passions, your traditions and family heirlooms that have been passed down…

  • Lace on your gown bought from Paris, where he proposed

  • Family recipe favours that you laboured over with auntie

  • Grandma’s vintage teacups, which you sipped from as a child

  • The wine you shared on your first date; the one you now call “ours”

  • The song your parents danced to on their very own wedding day

  • Garden Roses, just like mom; the ones dad would buy her every sunday

  • The words from your favourite love story, weaved into hand-written vows, the invitations and  table names


It’s  more than curating a beautiful setting. It’s making it your own, precious and special for reasons close to your heart!

Slowly but surely, you’ll notice a few changes being made to our website to reflect this undeniable affirmation of my heart’s focus, including two new promo videos sharing the mission of KME and our approach to wedding planning.

In the end friends, no matter what you do or how you plan your “once upon a time,” be sure to focus on the reason for the day and take the time to truly be in the moment. After all, the real adventure begins the morning after you say, “I do!”



Photos courtesy of [top left to right, working down] Matt Kennedy, Studio Jeanie, Pure Light Studios, KGood Photo, Ryan+Beth


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4 Responses

  1. Myka Jelier says:

    SO well written and honest! I am very glad you shared your thoughts on this tender subject. Bridal couples need to shift the attention back to that which matter most: their love for each other and the rich heritage between them.
    Thank you.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi Kailey,

    I just came across your website and I thought I was hooked- until I read this and discovered what hooked really was! You hit the nail on the head here and I am so thankful that you wrote this. I am not even engaged yet but my boyfriend and I discuss this constantly. We both want to emphasize the personal connections and details- that is what it’s all about! Honouring the people and things that brought you to where you are. Thank you so much! As a Vancouver gal I know who I will be calling when the time is right.

    • This makes me so happy to hear, Kristen. You and your boyfriend will certainly head out of the gates with a solid foundation and focus on what matters most! I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your “once upon a time!” I very much look forward to that day where we’ll meet.