The World’s Greatest Love Letter

November 22

There are many days when my spirit seems to fail me and my body feels weak. Lifes challenges seem all consuming and it takes every effort to simply tread water.

On those days, I want to run and hide; to find a place on a sandy beach in the middle of no where and walk away from it all. It seems too hard to simply be me!

And in the midst of my pity party, the words of His love letter ring clear….

Why are you striving these days?
Why are you trying to earn grace?
Why are you crying?
Let me lift up your face, just don’t turn away.

Why are you looking for love?
Why are you still searching as if I’m not enough?

To where will you go?

I’ll be by your side wherever you fall
In the dead of night whenever you call
please just don’t fight these hands that are holding you
My hands are holding you!


He reminds me that I’m never alone; for He’ll be by my side, where ever I go, leading me, guiding me, lighting my path. He’ll never give me more than I can handle!

Because it’s in life’s challenges that my faith is forced into the fore-front. It brings me to my knees, to a place where His power is made perfect in my weakness. And He promises to strengthen me, give me wisdom and refine me,  so that I am mature in Him and lacking in nothing.

Just don’t turn away, Kailey. Don’t fight the hands that are holding you.



Lyrics | By Your Side; Tenth Avenue North 
Image | Elizabeth Messina; Kiss the groom

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  1. So sweet and true.

    Be blessed,