The Role of a Wedding Planner | Part 2

December 12

I was so pleased by the response to the first part of this series and am thrilled to be completing this journey today, with part 2 of the Role of a Wedding Planner.

Last time we addressed some fabulous points:

  • Your Time is Money
  • Money in your pocket
  • Relationship Referee
  • Chaos Control
  • You’re the boss

Today, we reach the climax, in what I feel are the key reasons for giving yourself the gift of a wedding planner.

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Your effervescent Cheer Squad

I have yet to meet a wedding planner that isn’t obsessed with the subject itself. They eat, sleep and breath weddings, for far more reasons than it being their job; it makes them tick. It’s a deep routed passion. And unlike your friends and family, your wedding planner will be eager to talk “shop” 24/7. No need to bore them with details or become “the annoying friend” who only talks about her wedding. We know it’s excitement and we completely understand; you’ve been dreaming of this day forever and we thrive on wedding banter.


Your Bouncing Board

I’ll say it: wedding planners simply know, what works and what doesn’t. Their knowledge of wedding etiquette is unmatched and they have personal experience to back it. Whether it’s to offer advice, help sort through your ideas or provide a fabulous alternative, a wedding planner will act as your encyclopedia. They’ll have your answers and know precisely how to get you gracefully, from point A- point B.


“Talk to Her!”
On average, a single wedding has over 22 different vendors. Add in your wedding party and all the guests, and you’ll have countless people to coordinate, instruct and answer questions for. A wedding planner will act as your sole “go-to” girl, relieving you of policing pressures. From the very beginning or on your special day, you’ll be left to bask in the moment, while your planner handles the fuss and chaos.


 Administrative Assistant
Every production has an administrator and let’s face it, weddings are a production, nothing less! From creating schedules and timelines to budgets, itineraries and floor plans, your wedding planner will handle the paperwork. They are well versed at making it happen, on time, and with every person in order. They’ll ensure all parties are informed and kept in the loop throughout your entire planning process. To boot: they’ll keep you on schedule with reminders, updates and frequent check-ins ~ your personal administrative assistant.


They’ll be there ‘till the cows come Home
From orchestrating the rehearsal, through the end of your reception, a wedding planner will be there to oversee. They’ll ensure no minor detail is over looked and your event goes off without a hitch. Don’t forget the little things, like giving out boutonnieres, instructing musical cues, and ensuring the vegan gets her proper dish!


And most importantly…… your “Fun Factor”
Speak with any past bride, who gave herself the gift of a wedding planner and you’ll be sure to hear a resounding theme: they were able to fully relax on their day, enjoy the moment and maximize their fun. Having a planner allows you to be present at your own affair, acting as a guest, rather than a host. And in my humble opinion, this is the single greatest blessing in disguise!



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9 Responses

  1. jeanie says:

    wonderfully written! and so true, each and every word!

  2. […] Then we come to the fact that, being a bride who planned her wedding falls far short of the experience of being behind the scenes. No two weddings are alike and it takes countless hours of on-site experience, to learn the art of effective wedding coordination. […]

  3. Excellently put. Could not agree more! Sharing with everyone and anyone asap.

  4. Wonderful article, I love your way to explain our world. As a said on my italian fb page (alchimie dreams formula) thank you very much, I’m happy to have found your special blog!


  5. Kirsti says:

    I am so happy to have found your website! I love this article (and of course I went back to read part one as well)! I am just beginning my career as a wedding planner and in the process of my first “large” wedding and can feel in over my head at times and not sure what the typical duties of a planner are.

    Wish me luck!