The KME office gets a facelift

March 14

For months, I’ve been craving an overhaul of the place I spend most morning…many afternoons.. and  some evenings- much to my chagrin. But I didn’t want to torch everything- more so update, with a few added “focal points.” My desk was my main concern… I wanted something that spoke to my heart and made me swoon at the simplest of glances.

Enter sir Singer: an authentic vintage singer sewing machine, all pieces in tact!

It’s marked, rough and weathered, but it’s beauty spoke to me- from the minute I spotted it. “It’s seen better days.” was the consensus, but I didn’t and still don’t care. I can see past that, to the journey and through to the plans I have for it’s future….

  • an antique white brush paint, lightly distressed
  • prominent, oversized crystal drawer knobs
  • removable glass insert to hold my computer, displaying the singer beneath it

But, like most things in my life worth while, it’ll take time (what time?), patience (I’m learning delayed gratification) and some tender loving care (I’ve got plenty).

And that’s ok; I’m in it for the long haul. After all, it’s in the process that we fall madly in love… with true beauty, memories and the flawed imperfections I call, Character. 

So stay tuned, as I embark on Phase two of refinishing my prized new baby. And in the mean time, take a look at some of my other office projects unfolding….

What do y’all think?! Can you visualize the sensational finished product?  Happy Wednesday!



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  1. LOVE IT! It’s super cute! I have “be still” by my desk too! Such a beautiful verse!