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May 29

Recently, I walked away from the world for 168 hours! That’s 7 days free of social media, tv and the internet. What I discovered most was how numb I’d become to the obsessive noise, opinions and seeking of influence, that surrounds me each and everyday.

In the solitude of my own life, I rediscovered the joy I had at my fingertips, even in the most mundane, simple graces of everyday. I was able to enjoy the things set in front of me, free of comparison, negative self-talk and the lies that say “what I am and what I can do, is never enough!” It’s amazing how easily we allow social media and the world’s influence to steal our joy and focus….

In reflection of this, I was reminded of the Happy Family Movement– a project set out by Becky Higgins of Project life, encouraging families to create joy-filled environment that will change the world. Whether you have kids, are a family of 2 or are single and dating, it’s time we cut loose a little, live out loud and love, with everything we’ve got!

Join KME in the Summer Buck List Challenge and bring the Happy Family Movement to your home!

The summer you’ll never forget is waiting! It’s time to make memories you’ll forever cherish- ones that’ll matter when you take your final breath! Here’s my families Summer Bucket List….

  1. Picnicking at Belcarra

  2. Kayaking from Rocky Point to North Shore

  3. Theatre under the Stars

  4. Camping with Dave’s Family

  5. Go berry picking at an Orchard

  6. Fly a Kite

  7. Make Home-Made Ice Cream

  8. Hiking with Kailey’s Family

  9. Fish and Chips at the Pier

  10. Go to an Outdoor or Drive-in  Movie

  11. Bike Ride the Chilliwack Dykes

  12. Go Horse Back Riding

  13. Boating with Kailey’s Family

  14. Go swimming (actual) with Dave + get my Hair wet

  15. Complete one summer bible study on my own

  16. Go Roller Blading

  17. Lawn Games with Friends

  18. Play tennis as a couple

  19. Go to a Farmers Market

  20. Enjoy our Patio


Now it’s your turn! Take the pledge by telling me in the comments below, one of the first things you’re putting on YOUR summer bucket list.

I’m cheering you on, my friend! Let’s get started….



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One Response

  1. Josh says:

    What an awesome list! And thanks SOOOOOO much for joining us and spreading the word!!!