Heritage School House Vintage Wedding | Part 1 – Getting Ready

January 2

With my Style me Pretty feature finally live, the time has come to share the goods from my DIY vintage wedding! So many of you have been asking to see the day from my perspective and I’m thrilled to finally do so.

SMP did an incredible job showcasing the day, but Im eager to share some of my favorite moments and details with ya’all. To save your fingers from scrolling pain, I’ve divided the day into sections.

Today, I share with you the “getting ready” portion of our day, which was filled with immense joy, excitement and baited anticipation.

My dress was made of vintage lace and by adding a custom swaovski and pearl belt, I achieved the glamour meets classy look I was going for: Grace Kelly elegance meets Audrey Hepburn Style.

Each of my bridesmaids was gifted a unique, one of a kind, vintage jewelry piece. To make each special for reasons close to their heart, I added a single photo frame to each, with a photo of someone special to them: their children, their husband or simply an old photo of us together. 

Meet Heidi, niece to my husband Dave. Please tell me her headband makes you giddy with cuteness! I fell in love with it, as soon as I laid eyes on it. The best part is, Dave found it and insisted  on getting it! Oh how I love my metro-sexual husband. 

Heidi’s dress was hand made by my now, mother in Law, Luciena, from a sample swatch I mailed her months in advance. Adorable, no?!

My parents house has the perfect spot to get primped and pampered. While we beautified in the upstairs corridors, the boys gussied up downstairs, in preparation for our first look.  It was so cool to know Dave was just downstairs, but I couldn’t see him or sneak a peek, period!

While the boys took Dave to the spot of our first look, my girlfriend, Michelle, led us in a beautiful prayer. I was so grateful for this moments pause, to stop and thank God for bringing us to this point. The path was definitely one less travelled, but It made for the most surreal experience on our day.

With my hand-made card in hand, the girls led me to my favorite willow tree; the spot where I would finally reveal myself, to my handsome husband to be.

Stay tuned for the “first look” tomorrow!




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