The Realities of Wedding Planning you won’t want to Hear but Need To

December 10

What if I told you that you that the things you don’t want to happen throughout your wedding planning likely will?

That the things you hear from your friends wedding experience and vow “will never happen to you” probably will?



Before you stomp your foot or X the heck out of here saying, “who does this woman think she is?!”, let me first explain why…

The truth is, everyone has ideals and expectations when they first begin wedding planning. But as things start to progress, hiccups will arise.

If you’re not careful, they can steal your joy and your focus from the things that matter most: your love, your relationships and the marriage waiting on the other side of “I do.”

Instead, be prepared for the realities of wedding planning, and ready to handle them like a pro.


1. You will get stressed out

In the beginning, it’s fun and games. Everything is new and exciting. But while you may be thrilled now at the thought of spending every waking moment planning, you’ll eventually run out of steam… and motivation… and pep. Things add up and the task lists are long, so confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed are bound to set in.

How to handle:

• Create realistic goals in manageable chunks, such as month-to-month planning checklists. There are tons of great resources online such as the  Real Weddings Wedding Planning Worksheet or the  Be My Own Wedding Planner Kit.

• Set aside planning days each week where you’re committed to working on wedding to-do’s. Also be sure to block off down days, where you simply enjoy each other, your friends and family apart from wedding talk. Living real life will only inspire your wedding plans.


2. You will have to compromise

Your fiancé and you will likely have different ideas about how your wedding should play out and what you each value as most important. Rarely will you be entirely on the same page.



Read the completion of this article over at Real Weddings Magazine Vancouver.


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