“Pretty”~ One girl’s definition

October 7

I’ve always loved the word “pretty.” To me it had a pleasant ring, a lovely connotation, a universal understanding. Or so I thought…..

It wasn’t until I got older and was confronted with the infamous, “Why?” that i truly stopped to think about it. What about the word “pretty,” makes my lady heart swoon?

Through the process of re-branding I explored this question for 5 months, digging through the layers of my infatuation to come to the final answer. And, here it is:

According to the dictionary, Pretty simply means:

1. Pleasing or attractive in a graceful or delicate way or
2. Clever; adroit

The words graceful and delicate, ring loud.

When I think of  pretty, I think not of something over the top, in your face or demanding of attention. I think of something sophisticated in presentation, confident in its own self (whether object, action, event or person) and relatively demure in nature. If something is pretty, it need not boast, it simple is just that: Graceful, delicate and pleasing, that leaves you feeling  joyful in sensation.

To me, Pretty does indeed embrace cleverness.

When I see something as pretty, it carries with it a sense of individuality or uniqueness. Whether that difference is simple or elaborate, it tells a story different from the others. It carries with it an aura of distinction, worthy of recognition: It’s pleasing to witness and deserving of being shared.

Aside from “pretty” in a traditional format, the words represents so much more to me: it encompasses a rawness and vulnerability. It does not hide behind the beauty in other things, it sees the worth in itself and embraces its flaws. It stands proud before the world, sharing its unique loveliness, with aspirations of creating a smile. When something is pretty, it looks not inward, but outward, in hopes of shedding light….and bringing forth joy, acceptance or peace.

To me, pretty is a way of life -a standard:  one of grace and not perfection.

Thanks Emily, for reminding me of this!

Through my work, my words and my life, I aim to hold myself to this standard and encourage others to do the same. May you see the pretty that surrounds you: from everyday life, to monumental occasion, grab hold of it and infuse your life.

Join me on this beautifully imperfect journey.

Stay Pretty,

Kailey-Michelle  xo

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