Our greatest limitation

September 19


I have a sense of responsibilities and it’s one of greater purpose.


But contrary to what one might think, being an entrepreneur doesn’t set me apart from others or make me privy to this grand idea. Nor is it my over-achieving personality and my desire to do more, be more, live more. In actuality, it’s my identiity in Christ and my call to share His incredible love with others. And whether or not you realize it, you have that that responsiblity also!

Some days, this sense of responsibility is over whelming. I’m just simply Kailey-Michelle. I’m impatient, I make mistakes and i’m still learning. And sometimes, my over zealous personality can serve me wrong. I try to take back the reigns of control, write the next chapter of my story and focus on the things I deem necessary. But that’s the problem!


I limit myself. The human heart’s capacity to love, show mercy, be kind, compassionate, forgive and put others first is limited. Our heart’s ego can get in the way and our minds’ selfish desires can easily convince us, if even for a moment, that our needs are first priority and that we can achieve them on our own.


Too bad it’s wrong. And thankfully, time and time again, God has shown me the way back; where He plays pilot, delivering me to places and opportunities, I would never have been able to achieve on my own or even navigate the way there!


And He gently reminds me, ” Do not confirm to the patterns of this world. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve of my will, Kailey; My good, pleasing, perfect will!” [Paraphrased Romans 12:2]

You see, the answer is all in our mindset and what we allow ourselves to think and infultrate it. Is it self-focused, prideful, gossip? Perhaps  negetive, condesending and judgemental? Do we allow others to didcate our self worth, form our ideas or gauge our concerns? Do we play by societies rules and allow them to shape our being, our lives and our businesses? No! Heavens no!

And whether or not you procalim to be a Christian, I think you’d agree with me…
By simply changing our mindset, we can powerfully transform our lives.  And that goes for the somewhat small and large things in life!


For me, that mindset is on Christ and maintaining an attitude of graitude, for all He’s done for me and continues to do. Rather than focusing on my own objectives for the day, what’s frustrating me at the moment or needs to change, I focus on God’s will for me, sharing His message and living as an extension of His grace. I hone in on and reflect on the day He’s set before me, the blessings each of them behold and try to keep an eternal perspective. I ask myself, “Does this thing I’m focusing on really matter in the long run?


But like I said, im just simply Kailey-Michelle and that list of responsibilities above is overwhelming and impossible. Thank goodness it’s not by my strength I can aspire to them, but by God’s. He promises to show me how and give me unfathomably capacities to achieve my greater purpose. How mind boggling is that?! 


“Let us love one another for love comes from God and everyone who loves, has been born of God. We love because He first loved us!”  excerpt – 1 John: 4

He’s speaking to you too, my friend and He has amazing plans for your life; to give you hope and for a future. For a sense of peace and contentment that far surpasses all understanding. And to show you love unimaginable, like you’ve never known before.


And He’s waiting.

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