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May 15

As a Vancouver Wedding Planner, you’d think my clients make nests in the lower mainland. But truth be told, I work with a lot of out of town couples!

It tickles me to no end, when I see inquiries come in from around the world! Sonia and Andy were no exception.

This adorable duo found me on Style me Pretty and decided a destination wedding would make their desire to work together come true. Seriously one the best compliments I’ve ever received.

It’s been my pure delight in helping this couple through each stage of their journey- from selecting the ideal setting, to dreaming up a sweet, whimsical design and finding quirky surprises that are sure to have their guests smiling, having the time of their lives!

It’s my pleasure to introduce KME couple, Sonia and Andy….


Describe yourselves as a couple, in 3 words

Worth the wait.

What’s your perfect Sunday

If we’re at home it would be sleeping in; enjoying tea, coffee, and conversation sitting on our front porch; getting outside and being active (bike ride through the town, mountain biking or hiking in the foothills), and then feasting on a gourmet dinner created by Andy. Of course, if it’s football season then this total changes to cheering on our favorite teams!

Your wedding day, as you see it in your dreams!

We’ve been together for 10 years so we truly see our wedding as a huge celebration for our family and closest friends – those people who have been through it all with us and who have given us so much support and love along the way. To us, it’s about the emotion, joy, and love we feel for each other and for the people in our lives. With our families and friends scattered everywhere from Toronto to California (and beyond), to have an opportunity where all of those people are together with us celebrating love and life will be magical!

What special touches are you adding to your wedding, to create an authentic and genuine portrayal of your two hearts?

We are really focusing on personal touches that reflect who we are and who our families and friends are – everything from our fun, party popper save-the-dates, to the personalized décor with family photos,  the location where we are getting married and the food, all will be reflections of where we’ve come from and the life we’ve created together for the past 10 years. Most importantly, everyone there will be a part of the wedding and celebration (not just attending a wedding). Whether it’s performing pieces of the wedding ceremony or helping to tell our love story, each guest will be an integral part of the festivities.

What have you learnt so far in your wedding planning that you could offer as advice to other brides to be?

Have fun! What could be more fun than planning a party to celebrate who you are as a couple, your love for each other, and to show your friends and family how much they mean to you? Maybe we’re crazy or naïve but there hasn’t been one stressful thing about this. It’s all been about creating a celebration that reminds us and celebrates what really matters – love! We don’t stress about much but this has been such a fun thing to do together. Having an amazing resource like KME to provide ideas, insights, and recommendations is a big piece of that too!


What drew you to Kailey Michelle Events? What excites you most about working with KME?

At first it was the design aesthetic seen in all of her work – vintage, personal, with just the right touch of whimsy (so us!). Once we had an opportunity to meet it was clear there was no other choice! While Kailey-Michelle comes with her own amazing ideas and concepts, she always focuses first on who you are and what you as a couple want for your wedding. She has been so instrumental in helping us take our big ideas about what’s important and finding a way to make those a reality as part of our wedding day. We can’t wait!


Sonia and Andy will be tying the knot September 21, 2013 in the Okanagan for a weekend of fun and festivities!  Be sure to stay tuned for photos of their whimsical beach side affair.


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