Obsessions with Fall

October 7

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve adorned Fall more than any other season. The smell in the air, the colorful fallen leaves and the feeling of comfort: in your routine, your surroundings and lets not forget, your wardrobe! Some of my favorite fall memories take place around a fireplace, candles burning, jazz music playing and those near and dear, around me. Simply sufficient for filling my heart and creating a smile.

In the Fall, the world is presented with some of the simplest forms of joy: ones that cost little more than a penny but bring forth memories that will touch our hearts forever. An opportunity to remember our loved ones and spend the quality time we’ve been secretly craving. Many times, when our minds says go, our hearts say stop. 

Thankfully, fall has a way of reminding us there’s more to life than work. and chores. and responsibilities. 

So, this Fall, I encourage you to slow down, create a {fall} bucket list and bask in the beauty of Autumn. You’re never to old to jump in the leaf pile, carve a pretty pumpkin (maybe two!) or even enjoy a hayride: Your heart will thank you, I promise.

Now, get out there any play!

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