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August 6

Like many of you, despite my gallant efforts, there are times when I can’t help but sense the monday morning blues. [For me, that day is actually tuesday, as monday is my day off. But, you get my drift] You know the ones… where the dread of another 5 LONG days has you discouraged and longing for friday, already!

Sometimes its simply the after math and “unwind” from a weekend full of hype, excitement and activities. Others, it’s simply my longing for another day of peaceful rest and relaxation with my hubby.

While the monday morning blues are common and certainly not a “clinical problem” they have the possibility of stifling us. From what you ask? ACHIEVING GREATNESS!

This question is:

How do we combat these feelings? How do we break their chains from holding us back this week?

It’s easy! 3 simple step you can do right now, regardless of where you are!


  1. Reflect on your weekends memories
  2. Acknowledge them as blessed and
  3. Use that joy to fuel your actions staring NOW!

I plan to join you in this simple yet powerful exercise each and every monday, regardless of how I’m feeling. Why? Because my weekend memories are the moments i’m most alive. It’s a fabulous tool for being intentional about counting my blessings and truly savouring their powerful gifts.

This weekend we celebrated my husbands 30th birthday. It was a packed few days of celebration that included fine dining at our “special place,” facing fears at an adult adventure park, kayaking adventures and a sunset beach party with our closest friends and family!

To finish off our individual Stag/ Stagette, our friends hosted a combined dinner at Il Corsaro. Because of the fabulous food and the incredible memories, it’s easily become our “special place.” Our birthday celebrations included an amazing bottle of wine, sensational mussels and the most delectable italian night cap that featured gelato, bailey’s and italian espresso. YUM!

I even took the time to doll up my nails, something I rarely do because of my OCD hand-washing skills. Now the cats out of the bag: I’ve always been a glitter girl at heart!

It’s a long standing tradition of Dave + Mine that we always hand-make our cards for each other. That included our wedding day notes to each other, which we read back-to-back before our 1st look.

Wild Play Alumni: We beat the “average” time record by 30 mins!

This photo was taken on one of our very first dates and I can remember feeling like the only girl in the entire world at that moment. I knew even then, he was someone special.

I feel incredibly lucky to have a man who still brings out those old butterfly feelings in me, akin to our very first dates together. [6 LONG years, that feel like a lifetime ago] He truly is the most compassionate, serving and joyful man I’ve ever known.


So tell me, what weekend memories have you feeling blessed?!
Comment below. I’d love to hear them!

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