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January 3

Welcome back friends to a beautiful, bright and hopeful new year!

There’s nothing I love more than this time of year, where I annually  reflect on the previous year, rejoice in it’s blessings, analyize what worked and what didn’t and plan ahead for success in the coming one. While the process can seem daunting, even overwhelming at times, it’s in those moments of honest, vulnerable reflection that I see clearly what track my life is on.

Does it currently embody all I wish for it to be? Am I living out my purpose, my ambitions and my hopes for a life well lived?

While locked away in the solitude of my family cabin this Christmas, I journied down a 10 part review process by my dear friend Lara Casey, who I love more than words and my gratitude in knowing her, can possibly express! I  filled out an entire pretty notebook in the process and walked away with more peace than I’ve felt in a long time!

2012 was a year of countless blessings and massive growth for KME but busyness got the better of me and if I’m truly honest with myself, I lost every once of contentment and real life living, amidst my vibrant ambition.

So, with a prayerful heart and a renewed focus, I vow this year to make what truly matters happen and forget all the rest!

What’s your 2013 vision? Share below in the comments section and together, we’ll hold each other accountable!

Wishing you true joy, peace and treasured moments this new year, friends.

xo Kailey-Michelle | Principal 



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