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September 16

These two sweethearts captured my heart the vary first time that I met them! They laughed, they blushed and they were head over heels in love with each other… in the bashful, endearing kind of way.

Laura and Tom had me excited to work with them right from the get go!

Fun Fact: Laura is the co-owner of Vancouver Vintage, an awesome China Rental Company who I’ve used for countless events. Despite having worked together on many occasions, our consultation was the first time we’d met face-to-face!

1. Describe yourselves as a couple, in 3 words

active, outdoorsy, creative

2. What’s your perfect sunday

Our perfect Sunday changes seasonally! Tom and I both love skiing and mountain biking, so depending on the season we’re usually doing one of those things come the weekend.

In the summer it would involve getting up a little later and meeting up with some friends for a ride on Mt. Seymour or Fromme on the North Shore where we live, followed by brunch at Tommy’s, the local Lynn Valley breakfast hot spot.

After that we’d dream up what we’re planning for dinner that night and go shopping for the ingredients. Our lives tend to be somewhat food centric!

3. What matters most on Wedding Day?

We really want to bring together friends for an evening of great food and merriment.

We also focused on the venue with a vintage theme carried through, as I’m a Halloween baby and love themed parties…. any chance to dress up! Our 1930’s venue and our vintage china collection will tie it all together nicely.

Photography was also very important to us. As a couple we don’t have many shots together despite the fact that we’ve been together for over five years. We’re really excited about getting some great keepsakes of our big day.

4. What special touches are you adding to your wedding, to create an authentic and genuine portrayal of your two hearts?

The special touches mostly revolve around it being a vintage theme. We’re using our own china complete with silverware and linen napkins. We also crafted our own candles in clear pressed glass for romantic lighting.

We want a warm friendly feeling, so family style dining was important to us.

The location also spoke to us. Minnekhada Lodge is an old world building, which makes Tom (being a Brit) feel right at home! We both love older architecture and it’s cozy space.

5. What have you learnt so far in your wedding planning that you could offer as advice to other brides to be?

Even though event planning is a major part of my career, I would suggest hiring a planner! It’s been great bouncing ideas of Kailey-Michelle.

Because I’ve not planned a wedding before, it’s nice to know what the trends are and what the social norms are and how things will best flow. Since you’re only doing this once it’s nice to hit the mark! Having a wedding planner also really helps with stress management.

Another thing I would suggest is when it comes to dress shopping, don’t go to too many shops and try on too many dresses. It just makes it confusing! I limited myself to 2 shops and picked a dress from one of them. It really saved me time and panic.

6. What drew you to Kailey Michelle Events and excites you most about working with them?

Kailey’s specialty in vintage events drew me to her. Her site, branding, imagery and every detail spoke to me. It’s great to have a planner who understands and enjoys the vision that you share for your wedding day. I think it helps the couple and the planner work more cohesively.

She’s also a second generation wedding planner which I thought was so cool. Planning is in her genes and we can certainly appreciate that!!!



Now I’m blushing! My sincerest thanks to Laura for sharing the heart behind their Minnekahada Lodge Wedding.

This awesome duo ties the knot THIS FRIDAY and you too can follow along behind the scenes on Instagram.

A big thanks to Brendon Purdy for their west coast engagement photos.



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