KME Couples: Jessica + Lee

May 4

Allow me to introduce Jessica + Lee; another one of KME’s fabulous couples. Their upcoming vintage nuptials have me swooning and I couldn’t be more delighted, to join them in their journey.

The soon-to-be, Mrs. Harrington, took some time out of her busy planning schedule, to share with us her dreams; not to mention some valuable advice, for all you other bride’s to be.

So, without further ado….

Describe yourselves as a couple in 3 words: Love Conquers All

Describe your perfect sunday: 

Waking up at nine am, knowing that our sweet daughter has let us sleep in! Then, moving to our big comfy couch to snuggle as a family, we’d watch the same cartoons we loved when we were children. After, we’d attend “lazy church”,  as we call it, ’cause it doesn’t start until 11:30. 

In the afternoon, we’d  take a long sunday drive through the suburbs, scouting beautiful homes and picturing our lives as those families, like our own mini fantasy.

Paint us a picture of your wedding day, as you see it in your dreams:

Our vision for the wedding day is a unique blend of vintage and shabby chic, with no particular preference to colour scheme. I see old accent pieces, lots of lace and beautiful antique fabrics. I envision a small intimate ceremony with all our closest family and friends, who really care and a rocking reception with good food and drinks!

What special touches are you adding to your wedding, to create an authentic and genuine portrayal of your two hearts?

Choosing invitions that we feel truely exemplify the definition of our vision, as well as, having local honey for our wedding favors,  representative of the sweetness of our relationship. We hope that everyone appreciates the little details we worked so hard on, as our DIY projects are what really brought us together.  We had to trust each other completely, to create something similar and beautiful as a team.

What have you learnt so far in your wedding planning, that you could offer as advice to other brides to be?

The best piece of advice I could offer and one that took me ’till the last minute to follow myself,  is to have your wedding exactly the way you want it! Don’t  feel obligated to do what other people think or feel guilty, if your family’s wants differ from your own. It’s your day and you should have it the way you see it!

What drew you to KME and excites you most about working with Kailey-Michelle?

When I first stumbled upon Kailey Michelle’s website, I was immediately drawn to her pretty style.  But, after speaking with her, I realized she understood exactly what we wanted! We’re in capable hands and I’m excited to see how she uses her talent to shape our day.

Fabulous, no?! A special thank you to Pure Light Studios, who captured their beautiful photos.

Stay tuned, Lovelies and watch as their fairytale unfolds…..



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