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September 3

Truth be told, introducing the KME client family are some of  my favourite blog posts to share.  Don’t get me wrong, seeing the beauty of a wedding day in real colour is sensational, but what these introductory posts contain is so much more… the heart, intent and dreams of our dear clients.

Reading their words has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. Annabelle and Richard’s sharing is no exception. The integrity of their union jumps off the page and their deep appreciation and love for their friends and family makes my heart sing. THIS HERE, friends, is the heart of what I do!

Thank you Annabelle, for sharing so beautifully the passion behind your nuptials. I couldn’t be more blessed to share in your day and grateful for the opportunity to bring your love story to life!

1. Describe yourselves as a couple, in 3 words

Adventurous, easy-going, fun-loving

2. What’s your perfect sunday

It would be bright and sun filled. Going to Church first thing in the morning followed by a nice brunch outdoors soaking up the sunshine on a patio and sipping a perfectly concocted Caesar. Cycling around Stanley park and breathing in the salt air and possibly taking a pit stop at one of the many beaches dotting the sea wall for a quick nap.  Finally, capping off the afternoon with fresh brewed coffee and a baked treat or decadent helpings of old world gelato!

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3. Paint me a picture of your wedding day, as you see it in your dreams

Beautiful, but subtle with personal touches and details that make it unexpected and surprising. Weddings should be filled with wonder, awe, joy and the simplicity of two people just being in love and celebrating that love. Our wish is to have it be comfortable and intimate enough that those who barely even know us as a couple will feel like we’ve been friends for years. Our hope is that it’d really be reflective of who we are as individuals and who we are together.  I don’t expect it to be over the top and glamorous, I just want it to be us – organic, worn in and loved up!

4. What special touches are you adding to your wedding, to create an authentic and genuine portrayal of your two hearts?

As we were deciding on what we wanted to provide our guests as a token of our love and as a souvenir of the special day, we decided on plantable seed paper – an innovative take on growth and a new beginning. Richard loves herbs like basil and parsley, so obtaining these herbs as seeds was the perfect idea that incorporated things that we love and would be fruitful and useful to our guests. A keepsake that would continue to grow and be a reminder of not just our beginning as husband and wife, but that love will grow and will eventually change and evolve with time.

5. What have you learnt so far in your wedding planning that you could offer as advice to other brides to be?

Wedding planning will be stressful. It isn’t an assumption, it is a known fact. As organized or time efficient as I may be, I will never be able to do or complete everything on my own. This was a hard lesson for me to understand. Knowing your limitations is key because you will need help. Don’t be afraid to seek help and counsel from those around you. Friends and family are there to help and support you and most importantly they are there for you to lean on. Understanding that limitations are not a weakness but an opportunity for friends and family to gather to bond and aid one another. As much as it is a wedding to celebrate a union between two people, it is so much more than that. Weddings are about family and friends coming together, uniting and having a shared interest, which is to help you. The people in your life will really make all the difference.

6. What drew you to Kailey Michelle Events and excites you most about working with them?

I was surfing the net  and stumbled upon Kailey-Michelle’s beautiful webpage. I honestly felt that from the website alone that I knew her and I could imagine myself working with her, and getting along with her just from scrolling through the page. I immediately felt like I could trust her and commit my wedding plans into her capable hands. As we met that day at the coffee shop I knew right then and there that she wouldn’t disappoint. I’ll paraphrase what she had said to me then, “I will not leave the venue until I’m completely satisfied with the resulting effort and final set-up of the space.” I believed her then as I do now! Kailey is definitely someone that I can put my faith in. I’m honestly so excited for what she will do because Kailey-Michelle actually understands me and what I envision. I can’t wait for her to bring my ideas into reality!


Richard and Annabelle will official join as one this coming Sunday, September 8th at Knox United Church, followed by an elegant reception at the posh and sophisticated Capilano Golf Club. Be sure to follow the behind-the-scenes action on Instagram.


ps: A special shout out and thank you to Therese De Jesus of Artiese Photography, for her beautiful work with their engagement photos!



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