Whimsical Geek Chic Kirkland House Wedding | Part ONE

November 19

Finding an appropriate title for this blog post was extremely difficult and while I settled on “Geek Chic” Kirkland House Wedding, affectionately named this by the groom, by heart leans more toward “Sentimental, intimate Whimsical Family Celebration.”

….because in all honesty, Morgan and Amber’s wedding day was one of the most beautiful celebrations of what matters, that I’ve ever had the pleasure of planning!

While the two envisioned a day that tied together their love of all things vintage (Amber) and geekery (Morgan), their hearts deepest desire was to live the moment.

In truth, they had to fight to stay focused on what mattered most when illness, venue complications and overwhelming expectations threatened to steal their joy.

Through it all, their families unconditional love and the bond the two shared wrapped every anxious thought in assurance-

that no matter what, the day would be everything it was meant to be, if we continue to give thanks and keep our eyes set on the heart of their wedding day; their love, their relationships and the marriage waiting on the other side of “I do!”

The vast majority of family lived afar and we’re unfortunately unable to make the wedding, including Amber’s oldest and dearest girlfriend. With many “failed attempts” at trying to get her here, including skyping her in or having the ceremony simulcasted online, there was a quiet sadness that she wouldn’t be able to share the day with someone who meant so much to her.

But little did she know it was all a ruse….

Amber’s mother had been in cahoots and arranged a sweet surprise for her girlfriends attendance.

During her makeup touch up, I brought Amber’s girlfriend in the back door and instantly the tears began to flow- not only from them, but from myself and  the photographers!

It was one of the most intimate and beautiful moments I’ve witnessed in a long time.

Amber was truly the picture of blushing bride that day, calm and completely present to enjoy the moment. Each time I checked in with her, a smile was plastered across her face and she was taking in every sensation with the people that have helped shape who she is today.

Morgan has a major crush on Deloreans, not to mention it’s use in Back to the future. So as a surprise, Amber chased one down one afternoon, begging to use it for the day!

It perfectly complemented the guys super hero themed boutonnières and cufflinks! Are they not the cutest comic themed nods you’ve ever seen?!

Nestled beneath a gorgeous oak tree, the two shared personal vows in front of 50 of their closest friends and family.

Every design element has been crafted with love in countless hours of antique hunting, collecting family heirlooms and day long crafting parties. It was truly an honour to style over a year and a half’s worth of labours of love.

“If it was not for you, the day would not have been as smooth and beautiful as it was.

You took all the pressure, worry, stress and conflict off of us and I can’t thank you enough for that!

I felt like you were as much a part of my family, as my own are!” ~ Michelle | Mother of the Bride

Stay tuned for Part two, where I’ll share their beautiful bridal party portraits and we’ll delve deep into their whimsical DIY Barn Wedding Reception!

SO MUCH MORE gorgeousness to come….


Many thanks to the hearts and talents that helped bring this portion of their day to life:

Wedding Planner and Stylist | Kailey Michelle Events
Venue | Kirkland House
Photography | Matt Kennedy Photos
Marriage Commissioner | Jordan Bateman
Flowers | Floralista
Hair and Makeup | Caitlyn J Makeup Artistry


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