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July 8

I am head over heels for these two love birds! They funny, sweet and absolutely hilarious as a pair.

Their heart for each other is palpable and their pure excitement for their wedding day would make the even the hardest hearted weak at the knees.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the stress of planning or knees deep in drama surrounding the day, take a deep breath and read their words below. I promise it’ll help bring you make to the heart of the matter….

1. Describe yourselves as a couple, in 3 words

Fun, easy-going, and real

2. What’s your perfect sunday

Our weekdays begin at 5 am and go until 10 pm at night with little time to slow down and enjoy one another, so we cherish our Sunday mornings.  We sleep in, wake up slowly and lie there wrapped up in each other’s arms. It’s our time to reconnect, talk about the day,  refocus on each other and our future plans. When we finally decide to emerge from our master suite, we enjoy brewing a cup of coffee, planning our Sunday morning breakfast and spending the morning laughing and connecting with our kids around the breakfast table.  Our perfect Sunday would include a day just for us to decide what we want to do and how to spend our time.  There would be no one needing anything from us, or dictating our perfect 24 hours.  It would end with us enjoying sushi and a couple of martini’s at our favorite restaurant, and then coming home and snuggling up back in bed to watch a movie.

3. What matters most on Wedding Day?

What matters most to us on our wedding day is that everyone has a good time and enjoys one another.   Our hope is that we will not stress about the day, but let those we have chosen to help orchestrate it handle all the details while we relax and get ready to unite as husband and wife.  Our special day will be preceded by a family vacation which is a time for us to blend our families, and spend a week of quality time together zip-lining, bungee jumping, enjoying the lake, and the surrounding areas.

Our week will end with our very special wedding ceremony where we hope to stay in the moment, and soak up the surroundings of this beautiful place which we  have chosen to unite in marriage.  Our hope is that it will be a wonderful memory that our family will carry with them, and the stories of the fun that we had together will be passed down through future generations.

As much as this special day has been planned for us it has also been planned for our parents, our siblings, and our children.  It’s a chance for my father to walk me down the aisle after reuniting when I was 30 years old.  And for Tony’s mom it’s an opportunity to experience the joy of watching her son marry and profess his love to his future wife.

We would love to be an inspiration to others who have gone through life and have loved and lost to have faith that there are second chances to live happily ever after.  You just have to believe!


4. What special touches are you adding to your wedding, to create an authentic and genuine portrayal of your two hearts?

Tony and I have chosen to have an intimate destination wedding and vacation with the people that mean the most to us – our family and close friends.  We have chosen a beautiful setting on the water surrounded by the beauty of the mountains of Whistler, BC.  We are exchanging vows that we write for each other that will express the love, friendship, and respect that we have for one another.

5. What have you learnt so far in your wedding planning that you could offer as advice to other brides to be?

Start early and be open to compromise.  Make this a wedding that you both plan, and take your future husband’s ideas and thoughts for the day to heart as it is his wedding too.  It is a stressful process, and it will not turn out exactly as you have imagined in your mind; however, you will in the end be married to the love of your life!  Anything that happens that was not planned for becomes a great story to tell your future grandchildren!

6. What drew you to Kailey Michelle Events and excites you most about working with them?

I remember the night that we found the KME website.  I like to believe it was fate!  We were on separate laptops in our bedroom trying to find a wedding planner to help us as we were working so much and not taking the time to make the decisions needed to plan our wedding. As our wedding would not be traditional we were specifically looking for an intimate wedding planner.  From across the room we were sending each other links to check out, and we both just happened to send each other Kailey-Michelle’s website.  We contacted Kailey and we were very excited that she responded so quickly, and she was available to meet us in Vancouver on such short notice.

Over coffee at the hotel we were immediately comfortable with her, and had faith that she was going to help us stay on track to make our special day a reality!  She has not disappointed us!  Tony is a planner and he and Kailey have been in constant contact in getting our ‘to do’s’ accomplished.   She has the  patience of a saint, and always wears a big smile giving us lots of encouragement to keep moving forward.  She has an outstanding network of partners that she has recommended to help make our day special.  We feel very grateful that our paths have crossed with Kailey-Michelle.   We definitely feel very blessed to know that she will be there making sure that our wedding day is beautiful.

What did I tell you? Can you feel the warm and fuzzes wrapping your heart?!

I could be more elated for their Whistler Destination Wedding at Nita Lake Lodge. They tie the knot in T-Minus 3 days, on July 10th, 2014. Be sure to follow along behind- the -scenes!


A special thanks to Matt Kennedy who captured these two in the beautiful of our urban city and west coast this spring.

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