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February 4

This past weekend, Dave and I travelled to the country to one of our favourite secluded spots for one last hurrah; a mini “baby moon” to allow us the opportunity to be still together, reflect, dream and simply be with each other- no distractions.

We’re a mere 4 weeks from welcoming our little girl into the world and while there is so much to be excited for, I feel myself wanting nothing more than to savour right now – the just us “twoness” of what has been the most beautiful and treasured part of my life thus far- our marriage. 

Driving home, Dave reached for my hand as the sounds of what has become our soundtrack for this season of life, filled the car. Tears began to fall and an overwhelming feeling of protection mixed with gratitude washed over me.

I didn’t want to share him or this moment with anyone. For the past three and a half years, his heart has belonged to me and me alone.

Together we’ve laughed, cried, struggled, flourished, grown … deeper in love and intimacy. He’s my best friend, my other [better] half, my lover, my confident, my everything.

And a part of me will miss being his everything.

I know once her little life graces our own and ushers us into the next chapter of our love story, we’ll never be the same. Either of us. Our hearts will know a love like never before and by the grace of God, our love will not be divided, but be multiplied. 

More than anything, I believe this feeling is a testament to the true beauty and blessings of marriage; marriage the way God designed it to be and all that he desires for us to know and experience through it.

While marriage is hard work and a choice to fight for what matters most, every single day, the mountain is worth the climb!

For the view from the top is so glorious and beautiful, no heart can imagine the joy, the, wholeness and contentment until they’ve experienced it for themselves.

So where ever you are today – whether you’re high on the clouds of newness, journeying to the aisle, navigating the seas of newlywed bliss or years into your marriage pilgrimage- choose today that your love is worth it; worth the fight, worth the hard work, worth living with intentionality and purpose!

Because it’s there that we’ll discover who we are … WHOSE we are and what it is we were made for; to love and to serve without limits. 

Here’s to you, my friend, and a marriage even more beautiful than your wedding.

I will be on Maternity Leave from February 14th – April 15th, welcoming our sweet little girl into our home.


I will be checking emails sporadically and response will be limited to emails of an immediate/ time sensitive nature only during this time.I want to be my best for our little girl in those very important first weeks, so that when the time comes, I can be my best for YOU when it’s most important and vital!

Thank you for your grace, understanding and support as we enter this beautiful new chapter of our love story.


**Please noteI am still accepting new bookings for the 2015/2016 wedding season. 


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