I solemnly vow, to you my friends…

February 21


Since the commence of 2012, I’ve been working hard at focusing on “quality over quantity.” It was my main objective for the new year and so far, I’ve reaped the rewards two-fold already.

As part of that goal, I outlined my desire to put efforts in establishing strong networking relationships, with like minded professionals who share my heart, passion and values.

Getting to know my fellow entrepreneurs has been an experience in itself: hearing their stories, their struggles, their hopes and dreams. It’s liberating and continues to inspire and push me forward in my own endeavors.

Through these chats, one topic continues to surface in conversation: support and admiration, for my dedication to my brand and pursuit of marching to the beat of a different drum. 

Hearing people speak so fondly of my work and business practices, seriously melts me from the inside out! I put so much of my heart into what I do, that such comments and support, is the greatest complement a lady could be blessed with.

I spent nearly six months of my life working on me and my brand; to own my fears, grow in my weaknesses, recognize my niche, understand my true client and rediscover the heart of my talent. And though that process, I made a promise to myself, which inevitably became a promise to my business and to you, my lovely readers and clients.

So today, I wish to share that list with you. May it inspire you in your business, shed light on what I stand for and if nothing else, raise questions in your own heart.

I will listen: for your heart in everything we discuss
I will give credit: where credit is due and never claim to own creativity or be the best
I will be authentic: to your face, in my writing and in all I aspire to
I will communicate: efficiently, clearly and honestly- no crap. no small print. no hidden motives.
I won’t be trendy: I pride myself on my ability to set your love story on fire. I aim to transcend current trends to present genuine affairs, precious and special for reasons close to your heart
I will be personable: call me old-fashioned but I will write cards, meet you in person, come to your house and be your best friend, in body and through my writing
I will not be anxious: about how others view me, trying to be something I’m not or seeking to be loved by all
I will teach: and not hold my advice, experience and ways to myself. But rather help others, brides and professionals alike, in executing a dream to the best possible standards
I will inspire: by sharing my story, giving back and honoring the journey that continues to strengthen my character
I will be accountable: to my values, my practices, my standards and my beliefs
I will be empathetic to today’s economy: in my approach, my pricing and my style
I will share the big picture: by taking the time to remind you of the little things- the little blessings that make life seriously worth living. I may love grand and elaborate, but it’s the quiet and simple moments in life that truly set my heart on fire.

Thank you, friends, for taking the time to share in my heart! Now it’s your job to hold me accountable… Just Kidding!   Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!


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Grace clinger. Marriage lover. Moment savourer. Passionate Creator. Seeking to inspire this generation as a Professional Wedding Planner, Speaker, Writer and Business Coach, to focus on what matters most in life and leave a legacy of love and service.
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4 Responses

  1. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and for having such an open heart {and business!}!:)

    • Kailey-Michelle says:

      Thank you for your support Jillian and for taking the time out to visit my blog! Many Blessings xo

  2. Vasia says:

    I’m so glad you re-posted this on Facebook! I absolutely love everything about this post, and I’m even more excited to meet you next week!
    I’m adding “don’t be like the rest of them, darling” to my inspiration folder :)