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April 17

Recently, I sat down to share my core values and the heart of Kailey Michelle Events.

It’s for a project, soon to be revealed, one that on the surface may seem ordinary to some, but for me it has a purpose thats intentional –  to take what some may use to elevate themselves and use it for His good. Alas, I digress. (You’ll have to wait and see what it is come Summer)

It can be hard to narrow down the crux of what I do, why I do it and what matters most in KME, but at the core of it, the truth is plain and simple….

So many try to pigeonhole companies into categories and niches- she’s a luxury planner, she’s a budget planner and her, well she’s only part time, so that hardly even counts! She does DIY weddings, she does over the top weddings and her, well she does weird and freaky weddings. (Yes, I’ve heard these statements countless times over.) But for me, that’s not really it at all!

While I could spout of my niche market and give you a real time story of who the KME bride is, I many times hesitate to do that. Because it’s more than checking boxes and finding people that “match my style.”

What I care about – where my heart lies – is in seeing every couple focus on and experience a wedding that celebrates the things and people that matter most to them.  That they, in working with me or any other professional for that matter, would feel empowered to have a wedding that has a single minded focus and is filled to the brim with grace, and joy.

That’s my role – to bring everything back to the heart – a focus on love and why we are all gathered to celebrate.

What’s of even greater importance, is that my clients, no matter who they are or how that focus is translated physically,  feels it is within their reach. Whether they DIY the kit and caboodle, have friends and family as their “vendors,” get married at a palace or the city’s shwankiest hotel; whether they spend $10,000 or $100,000, that grace and a singularity of purpose should be available to them and I will cheer them on regardless of how their wedding looks.

I aim to transcend current trends and present affairs that are genuine and special for reasons close to my clients heart.

Why? Because we all have a right to joy at our weddings and no one – no trend, no magazine, no blog or vendor- should steal that from us and joy is not determined by a colour scheme, budget, pretty details or published bragging rights.

True joy is found in simple things, and it requires paying attention to who and what we ALREADY have… and giving thanks for it.

So if you’re sitting here reading as a blushing bride-to-be, please hear me out: Find your core, remember your story and hone in on what’s important to you both. Pick the few things that share you heart and do those really well!

Yes, joy is a choice. You can choose to get upset about every little thing that goes wrong and requires compromise, or you can choose to be grateful for what your wedding will be: the coming together of two hearts, two stories, two families, as one.

In choosing joy, it became impossible for me to focus on the flaws in the day; I hardly noticed there was only music outside the venue, not inside, that my bouquet had silk peonies in place of real ones or that the aisle runner was bumpy because the city wouldn’t mow the grass around my favourite tree. I didn’t care that my gown wouldn’t bustle or that we forwent purchasing a wedding band and I simply used my engagement ring to seal the deal. I actually loved that my father-in-law forgot the ring exchange during the ceremony, because he got so choked up, we had to rewind and try again!

All that mattered was us, our marriage and everything after the I do’s.

So take a deep breath, slow down, and do everything in your power to protect and honour the purpose of your union and enjoy the journey. You only get one shot, my friend! This is your cherished Once Upon a Time.

Turn your focus to the things you truly value and remember you already have everything you’ll ever need… right now, this minute, in the one you’re set to marry. Everything else is simply icing on the cake!


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