Harvest Craft: Tree of Thanksgiving

October 7

With {Canadian} Thanksgiving around the corner, I’ve been perusing the web in search of this years “special touches.” Each year, I attempt a new craft, a new dish and a new way of saying thanks, to those I deeply care for. I love  surprising friends and family with something new, to add to our yearly traditions.

This year, I’ve decided to take a wedding favorite and turn it into a holiday special.  From the infamous wishing tree, I give you:

The Thanksgiving Tree 

Used as a show stopping centerpiece or as the perfect corner accent, the Thanksgiving Tree is a wonderful way to share the things you value most. Ask everyone to fill one out as they please, to later share over a piece of pumpkin pie. Or read the many thanks out loud before dinner, as many families traditionally do.

What you’ll need to create:

  • Tree ~ feel free to use wheat, twigs or a dried floral arrangement, like I did
  • Card stock  Tags~ Use this template to create the basic tag outline, size and print on your choice of card stock
  • Add embellishments and saying as you please ~I used this “I’m thankful for…” template
  • Be sure to leave one side blank, or with minimal pattern, for people to write their thanks on
  • Create a Loop~ by punching a hole in the top and looping a pretty ribbon through it

What I love most about this craft, is that you can later scrapbook the tags along with photos from the holiday; a wonderful keepsake, you could add to, each year.

Many Blessings for a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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