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Lakeside Hart House Wedding

Photographer:  Daniela Ciuffa  ~   Videographer: Kismet Creative


From the very first moment I met them, I fell in love with Tiffany and Jeff. Not only were they head over heels for each other, but they reminded me so very much of my husband and I in many ways. Tiffany had dreams of a lavish and opulent evening, filled to the brim with luxurious textures, crystal chandeliers the size of the eiffel tower and a garden of flowers inside! I kid a bit, but Tiffany’s mind was a haven for the pretty, pretty princess in us all.

While fine food and wine was on the menu and impeccable design was a must , it was an experience they desired for their guests – to make them feel pampered in thanks for helping shape who Tiffany and Jeff have come to be today. They wanted to honour their family, celebrate with their friends and highlight the true love story that brought them to that day.

Hart House Wedding

Vancouver Wedding Planner

Vancouver Wedding PlannerHart House Wedding

Kailey-Michelle was invaluable to the success of our wedding!! I cannot imagine not having her and her team there to make sure every detail was perfect and running smoothly. Having her was one of the best investments we made to guarantee that our night was amazing!

Kailey-Michelle did the work leading up to the wedding, contacting vendors and creating a seamless timeline. Everyone was so impressed with their professionalism and attentiveness- even the vendors made note. Our guest and wedding party continue to give praise. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Felt so sad saying good bye, as I felt like I had made a new friend. Everything was above and beyond our expectations and I would highly reccomend her to any future bride! ~ Tiffany Wilson


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