Goal Setting, Leaps of faith and the gift of a Years Work | 2014 in Review

January 14

My desire for weeks has been to sit down and share my heart with ya’ll – my gratitude for all that 2014 gifted me and the vision I’m casting for 2015.

For those of you who don’t know or are new to the KME community, goal setting has always been a serious business in my life, both personally and professionally.

Each year we visit our family cabin in the Okanagan between Christmas and New Years, where you’ll find me cozied up for hours journal in hand, reflecting, praying and setting goals for the upcoming year.

Lara Casey Powersheets | Goal Setting

My best friends and secret weapons are my Bible, a fresh journal, prayer and Lara Casey’s Power Sheets


It takes time to create the life you want- a life lived on purpose and with intent – celebrated and focused on the things and people that matter most. 

And sometimes that process is slow, messy, vulnerable and some what uncomfortable. It requires digging deep, being honest about where you’re at and what season of life you’re in and evaluating things through the lens of the legacy you want to leave. 

  • What will matter when I’m 80? 
  • How do I want to be remembered when I’m gone? 
  • What footprints do I want to leave on this earth? 
  • What will I regret not doing when time is no longer on my side? 

It means taking your eyes off what everyone else is doing, looking beyond your current circumstance and dreaming fearlessly into the future, meeting your dreams head on with courage.

For me, that courage has looked so much different this year. It’s looked nothing like the big, brave, and ambitious courage I’ve known in the past; more akin to quiet, prayerful longings that have begged me to look deep into the eyes of my fears, the lies I’ve believed and the expectations I’m ready to bid farewell.


I know for certain this: I’m tired of striving. For more. For Better. For Perfect.

For me, 2015 is a year of letting go and surrendering to the now and to the unknown, especially as we welcome a bundle of joy into our world this March.

And above all else, I will pursue peace.

Peace with myself, peace with my business, peace with others and most importantly, peace with God.

I’m still praying through my goals and tangible action steps, which I plan to blog later, but for now, I thought I would share a few milestones and highlights of 2014, along with one very important lesson I learned in taking a giant leap of faith last year.  May it encourage and spur you on as you pursue your calling and your passion…



Blessings of 2014


Hearts and not bookings. Marriages and not Parties. Friends and not Clients. 

First and foremost, my business wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible hearts that trust me with one of life’s most precious milestones. They welcome me into not only their wedding planning, but their lives, most times, for nearly 12 months or longer.

… I become a trusted friend and the voice of reason when the road became rough and the planning got overwhelming, a listening ear through family disputes, a reminder to focus on each other and not the show of it all, a helping hand when stress was all consuming, a wine buddy when they needed a break, shoulder to cry on when family became ill, even a way out in the wake of financial disaster.

I do not take such experiences lightly and it is a gift to be trusted into these moments alongside my clients, as not only their planner, but as their friend. It’s moulded by heart and shaped my passion more than anything else I’ve experienced in business.



Unity is strength

Then there’s Amy – my incredible assistant and greatest gift from above! I seriously could not have made it through this season with as much joy and as little stress as I did without her. She knows me like the back of her hand and her heart for making people feel looked after and important, brought a personal touch to my business that I’ve yet to experience.

Even more than me, my clients were blessed to have her there to ensure every tender heart felt heard and every need [no matter how seemingly small or insignificant] was given the upmost attention.

She treated them as I would; more than clients, more than friends, but like family. 



Finding your tribe 

And I couldn’t forget the professionals who I had the incredible privilege of working along side this past season [and I say privilege but I truly consider it a gift to work along side these folks!].

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: no man is an island and it takes community to build not only a business, but a life of passion and purpose.

When you support an entrepreneur, you’re not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You’re helping a little girl take dance lessons, a mom put food on the table, a husband support his family, a student pay off their college debt, a dreamer reach for the stars and a couple go on date nights to celebrate the love that brought them together.

It is such a blessings to be able to invest in my fellow colleagues, as they invest in me.



Looking Fear in the face and saying “Watch me!” 

Finally, this list would be incomplete if I didn’t acknowledge the very powerful and faith building way God moved in my business this year.

I challenged myself at the commence of 2014 to take a leap of faith that required deep trust for me;  something I’ve dabbled with but never whole heartedly committed to that went against every fibre of my “marketing brain” and education. It laughed in the face of what I’d come to know as success…

I pulled back from self- promotion [aside from social media] and relied on God to spread the message of my heart and mission with KME. I prayed for God’s will rather than my own and trusted him to bring my way whatever opportunities He desired for my business, be it publication, features, networking opportunities, PR, marketing or advertising.

I was terrified nothing would come, that I’d fall off the map or that the years of effort I put into branding would simply crumble if I didn’t “maintain” it. And boy was I wrong.

What He brought was even better than I could ever have imagined and mustered on my own. More than the opportunities themselves, he brought me relationship and local community like I’ve never known.

Vancouver Wedding Planner

While I could reel off a long list, just A FEW of the opportunities I’m most grateful for were:



Gratitude changes EVERYTHIING!

Wedding Planner Vancouver

These things and many many more [1547 to be exact] can be found in the scribblings of my gratitude journal which I write in daily. My heart is full as I continue to pause in purposeful reflection and pray through creating goals for 2015 than honour the desires God has placed on my heart and the mission he’s called me to.

If you haven’t yet set goals for the new year, know that it’s never too late to start!  If you hate goals, this here is different. I promise! It’s “goal setting” like you’ve never EVER known it and I can say with full faith that it will shake you, inspire you and bless your pretty little socks off.

Here’s to you, my friend, in 2015.  May you fight for what matters most, your efforts be blessed and you be inspired and edified in your work.



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