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Your Love


We believe the true beauty of your wedding day, lies in the experience; both yours, your family’s and your friends. It’s a time to savour every sensation and celebrate  life’s most joyous moments; the ones you’ll tell your daughter, when she asks you to tell her a fairytale….

 The laughter of your girls on your final “sleep over” as a single women

 Daddy’s squeeze of the hand right before he walks you down the aisle

 Momma’s proud look when she see’s you dawn her veil

Locking eyes with your sweety like it’s the very first time and the butterflies that follow

 Hearing Mr. and Mrs, like you’ve practiced saying in your heart

 Frolicking through the city taking photos with your favourites by your side

 Celebrating with those dearest to you; the ones who have helped shape the person you are today



Your real-life “upon a time”. For You are his, at last!



Your Story


A truly exquisite wedding is one thread with personal sentiment. From your flowers, to your favours and everything in between, we believe the details of your day should illuminate your one-of-a-kind love and share your story with guests and friends,  both the little and the big. It’s more than choosing something for aesthetics, but weaving in your passions, your traditions and family heirlooms that have been passed down…

 Lace on your gown bought from Paris, where he proposed

 Family recipe favours that you laboured over with auntie

 Grandma’s vintage teacups, which you sipped from as a child

 The wine you shared on your first date; the one you now call “ours”

 The song your parents danced to on their very own wedding day

 Garden Roses, just like mom; the ones dad would buy her every sunday

 The words from your favourite love story, weaved into hand-written vows, the invitations and  table names


It’s  more than curating a beautiful setting.

It’s making it your own, precious and special for reasons close to your heart!



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