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May 7

A while back, I happened upon Nancy Ray’s blog post about her success with Financial Peace University.

To be perfectly honest, I had heard of FPU on a few occasions, listening to people scream to the mountain tops with excitement about having become debt free, with the help of David Ramsey. But whenever I hear people talk like this or see posts on instagram about finances, I almost put a wall up, a sub conscience “selective hearing” that keeps me from truly registering what’s being shared.

I never really thought I had an issue with money or resented it. But truth be told, I felt slave to it- like it controlled my family’s anxiety levels, success in reaching our dreams, essentially that it determined our future. That forever, it would call the shots and tell us what we can do, in what order and when.

I truly believed that debt was just a fact of life and can remember myself saying things like “well I better get used to debt if I want to grow up and have a business/car/home/future”… I squirm just remembering because the fact of the matter is, I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

financial peace university

God made money to support us, not the other way around- to provide for our needs and be a blessings to others. If handled properly, the way He intended it to be, managing money can be empowering, rewarding and the platform to making what matters most happen in your life. It’s all in rewiring our brains and how we think about money; about identifying the misconceptions our society has brainwashed us into believing, even adopting as our own, and learning that in living within our means, theres freedom, contentment and the opportunity to live like no one else… debt free and fabulous!

After creating our 2013 vision and deciding we had had enough of letting our money “happen to us”, we took a leap of faith and registered for the online course. What did we have to loose? And let me tell you, the result has been tremendous… life altering! Dave and I have been liberated in our money fears and have taken back control of our future, with Gods help. In only 7 weeks, [9 more to go] ours financial future has done a 180 and blessings have flowed abundantly from above! We now understand the shouting to the rooftops in joy of finding FPU!

I’m not saying we’ve paid off all our debt or our situation magically changed over night. But we’ve got a plan, we’re sticking to it and there’s hope restored, where it once was lost. We can see the light at the end of our tunnel and know the short term sacrifice is worth the long term gain! It’s set us up for a future free of financial worry and solid foundation for maximizing our money, making it work for us AND others… not the other way around.

Friends, debt is not a reality we must “accept,” even for your wedding! Yes, I said it. Don’t go into debt for your wedding! Dave and I know first hand, the stress and hardships it can cause. I let the pressure get to me and before I knew it, I was way in over my head financially, planning a wedding that would impress others, rather than one that was true to my heart. But God had a lesson in store. So please,  Learn from us!

No matter your financial situation, whether your saving for your wedding, $100,000 in debt, or simply want to take control of your financial destiny, I encourage you to register today. I’ll be your accountability partner, if you need one. No excuses! It’ll be the BEST investment you’ll ever make.

And for those of you like me, who thought this was going to be the most tedious, brain numbing, boring class I ever took…..


Friend, your time in now. Learn to live, give and dream like no one else. Your legacy depends on it!

Because I’ve been so encouraged by this program and believe whole heartedly in Financial Peace University, I’m giving away ONE FREE ONLINE COURSE ADMITTANCE. That’s right. My gift to you!  Enter today for your chance to win. Here’s how….

Do one (or all) of the following tasks. Every task counts as an entry (5 possible chances to win!)

  1. Comment. Tell me in the comments what you’d do with your life if money were NO issue
  2. Instagram. Screencap the blog image and announce it to your instagram followers! (include @kailmichi)
  3. Pin. Pin the image above to pinterest! Any board will do.
  4. Blog. Feel like writing? Blog the giveaway with a link to this post!
  5. Like. Like my facebook page and “share” the giveaway photo to your personal or business page.


The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 14th and contacted via email!

 Get started today. I’m cheering you on!



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