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November 14

I was so pleased to hear we would be featured on the La Belle Bride Blog, this past week.

The wedding of Melanie & Ryan was a special one to me and holds a place close to my heart. These two love birds are a part of a close group of our friends, who meet each wednesday, for what we’ve coined “family dinners.” Over the past four years, we’ve gathered together to share a meal and stay connected, no matter where life may have us at that point. It’s a tradition I value more than I care to boast about, but it’s safe to say, it makes me feel blessed…very blessed!

When Melanie asked for me to be a part of her day, I felt honored and excited to bring such a beautiful vision to life. What you’ll notice, when you browse through the photos is natural, rural landscape, a gracious effort by family and friends for all the major details and joy, simple and abundant. Ryan’s cousins, Ryan + Beth Photographers, captured the day impeccably, while Melanie’s father led them through their marriage ceremony. The live entertainment included two of Melanie’s brothers and the cake was crafted by Ryan’s mom. Just a few of the incredibly heartwarming features.

Head on over and take a peak for yourself!

Thanks again to Chantale, from the beautiful La Belle Bride!

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