Engage!13 at Biltmore Estate | a bucket list endeavour

May 30

This weekend,  I head off to the UNBELIEVABLE, real life fairytale Biltmore Estates for Engage!13 Luxury Wedding Business Summit.

It’s been nearly 4 years since I last attended the wedding industry’s most renowned and highly adored business conference. And to say the least, butterflies of joy are plastered across my face in eager anticipation. I’m so excited I could pee my pants… just kidding! well kind of. 

My first time round, Engage!09 blew my socks off. Almost literally.

The venue and service made me feel like a queen. The design had me filling books with inspiration [pre-instagram days, my friend!] The attention to detail overwhelmed me! And the speakers… where to even begin.

  • Abby Larson | Style me Pretty,
  • Carly Roney | The Knot,
  • Randi Renoli | Say yes to the Dress,
  • Darcy Miller | Martha Stewart Weddings

and that was just the start! They spoke with vigour and from the heart, sharing their experiences, their strategies and their best advice.  It helped me own my light, pushed me past my comfort zones and equipped me to raise the bar in my customer service, client experience and growth strategies. It was the perfect mix of “Enjoy the Journey” and “Don’t tell me it’s impossible when there are footprint on the moon!”  

The highlight of my trip was meeting  Lara in person for the first time. Truth be told, I made a nervous fool of myself doing so! And while I kicked myself for days, at my ridiculous attempt to spark up a conversation, it made for a good story and planted a seed for our future together… proof that God will make good of our efforts- we need only to say yes and have a willing heart, even when it terrifies us!

I left vowing to return again one day, but this time I’d come solo, representing my own company,  having earned my fair and ticket there. While it may seem silly and somewhat simple, it’s been on my bucket list ever since. A personal triumph, of sorts.

It means the world to me to be attending yet again; and the Biltmore in North Carolina of all places? Hello. Does is get more KME perfect than that?!  God is faithful my friends and he promises to meet your every desire. Just seek him diligentyly and with your whole heart… he’ll pave a way and bring forth more that you could ever imagine or  hope for.

What I’m most excited for?

  • Driving up the loooonng driveway and seeing the property for the first time, a dream in full reality!
  • Giving Lara the HUGEST, longest hug imaginable!
  • Meeting the beautiful and talented Alison Howard face to face, who I am so blessed to be roomies with!
  • Horse Back riding around the Biltmore property and mountains!
  • Gaining inspiration and motivation to take my business to the next level [praying God will keep my core and values in focus, to help discern what is for me and what is not]


What I’m most nervous about?

  • Taking my first solo international flight [I have severe anxiety while flying. Like keeping my head in crash landing position, kind of nervous. I embarrass most people I fly with!] I would so appreciate your prayers
  • Entering a room of 250 industry leaders and not tripping… over myself or my words!
  • Sharing a room and bathroom with someone else, with a quirky routine that involves in-room [ridiculously funny to watch] workouts and daily devotional time with God
  • Seeing what God has in store for me.. I know he’s got something up his sleeve and I’m going, fully expecting him to reveal himself, undoubtable in ways I never could’ve seen coming

So as I embark on this adventure, I invite you to join alongside me. Follow  along via instagram and facebook; I’ll be sure to post all the inspiration, pampering and pretties in real time!


In the mean time, take a peek at what awaits me on the other side…..

The Engage! Experience

The Biltmore Experience



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