Engage! 13 Biltmore Estate | A fairytale in review | Part 2

June 27


After an incredible day one, I didn’t quite know what to expect with day two. In less than 24 hours at Engage!13 Biltmore Estate, I was blown away and in awe  of all that was in front of me…

In the morning we attended general sessions and were overloaded with more surprises,  goodies and branding genius than I’ve ever experienced. From branded coffees, to a luxury day timer and a rose to remind us that life is beautiful, thorns and all, I swooned from morning till afternoon. I didn’t quite know where to look next or how to properly take in and appreciate the thought and incredible attention to detail. It was overwhelming!

Of the speakers who presented, I was most touched and moved by what Jasmine Star had to say. She shared vulnerability about the worst year of her life and the personal revelations it brought, both in her personal life and in business. She encouraged us to find our core once again and break down all the walls and inauthentic brand qualities we’ve built trying to be “someone” or look a certain way. She reminded us that it’s ok to re-evaluate what you thought you wanted  and walk away from the things that don’t sit right or have stopped setting your heart on fire.

Because true success friends, is defined only by you and it’s when you’re in that place that you’ll truly flourish and find lasting joy.

Amen, amen, amen, I say!

Prior to arriving at the conference, we had been asked to select our top 3 activities for afternoon excursions. While I willingly ticked off three, it was horseback riding that I really wanted to try. You see, it’s on my summer bucket list to ride for the very first time. So as I romantically dreamed of riding through the fields, I prayed fervently that God would bless me with this opportunity.

Was I surprised when I saw “Horseback Riding” on my activity card? Nope! But I sure was grateful.

While they may have given me a humorously smaller beast then all the others [we killed ourselves laughing as they presented me with a pony, while everyone else rode a horse], I savoured the opportunity before me, taking in the incredible views and scenery. The pinocle point, was our view of Biltmore Estate from the top of a mountain side hill.

That evening we were treated to a Downtown Abby inspired Dessert Mingler, set beneath the stars in a gorgeous clear tent. With more selection and desserts than this girl could possibly do justice to, I took to admiring the creations and the elaborate stations surrounding the tent. On more than one occasion, I had to walk outside and remind myself of where I was, fully appreciating the setting and the storybook that surrounded me.

The evening closed with a too fun, “speak easy”  after party. The doors of the inn’s ballroom had be transformed into underground entrances, where we willingly “declared the password” and were admitted to another era.

I danced till my toesies couldn’t take it anymore and quickly drifted off to sleep with visions of flapper girls, dancing in my head.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of my Engage!13 experience coming soon!


Let’s relive the magic of Day 1 and 2, shall we?!



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Photos by Carla Ten EyckAllan Zepeda, and Jeremie Barlow


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