Engage! 13 Biltmore Estate | Great Gatsby Gala

July 25

The highlight of my Engage! 13 experience at the Biltmore Estate was most certainly the sensational Great Gatsby Gala.

From the red carpet entrance, to the incredible food and entertainment, my expectations were sufficiently blow RIGHT OUT of the water! With every turn of my head and tick of the clock, I continuous boar a stupid grin across my face and was held speechless with little more to say than, “WOW! ” And I meant it, like never before.

Cocktails were held on the veranda of the Estate, where we were showered with champagne and photo opportunities to spare. The view, overlooking the vast property was more mesmerizing than ever and had me glued to the sunset for nearly an hour.

Before I knew it, we were ushered into the most luxurious tent this lady’s eyes have ever feasted on! Karen Tran truly outdid herself creating an atmosphere that made even the seasoned Engage veterans swoon in sincere awe.

…. Like a page ripped out of my favourite fairytale. I may have pinched myself not once, but twice!

I had waited three days to hit the dance floor running, so when maestro took center stage, I was all feet in and jumping! Alongside my girl Alison and our “Dance teacher” Dan, we shook all night long, even forming battle circles and taking the stage to teach swing dancing.

In full honesty, I had never had so much fun on one dance floor, thanks to Elan Artists who struck Gold with their Gatsby inspired entertainment and killer DJ’s.

The evening closed with a memorable fireworks show that had Alison and I in tears of joy and bouts of laughter. The sensation of standing directly below the explosions was overwhelming and truly out of this world. The photo below of her and I, says it all. No explaination needed.

I was all together sad when the evening closed, but forever will I cherish the memories of that evening. Thank you to Kathryn and Rebecca for such an unbelievable event that outshone anything I’ve ever experienced and exceeded every expectation I had hope for.

Until next time, my friends, join me in reliving the experience, through the eye of a lens…


Enjoy the days highlights, courtesy of I Do Films!


And again, through the lens of a 16mm, vintage style, courtesy of 


And for those of you pyrotechnic junkies, a look at the exquisite fireworks show


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Photos by Carla Ten EyckAllan Zepeda, and Jeremie Barlow

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