Do I really need a wedding planner at my wedding rehearsal?!

May 20

Something I get asked often is whether or not a couple needs a wedding planner or wedding coordinator present at their wedding rehearsal.

The truth is, it’s entirely up to you!

Take time to consider your bridal party and family’s personalities (are they rambunctious, lack focus, disorganized, forgetful) and perhaps discuss with your officiant/commissioner/pastor/justice of the peace how they like to instruct the wedding rehearsal.

Many times, these individuals have their own way of instructing a wedding rehearsal and (not always, but) more often then not, they are not familiar with having a wedding planner present at the rehearsal.

Like your officiant/commissioner/pastor/justice of the peace, every wedding planner/ wedding coordinator will have their own spin on orchestrating a wedding rehearsal, but traditionally, you can expect them to lead you through the following:


1. Introductions

They will introduce themselves, their role on the wedding day and explain all that will be reviewed in the wedding rehearsal; possibly how long they expect it to take.

2. Placement

They will begin with placing all parties in their appropriate spots at the altar or front; where you are to stand throughout the ceremony.

3. Processional

They will then lead you to the place where you will be entering for the processional (walk down the aisle), line you up in the appropriate order and have you practice walking in to your altar spots / placement at the front. They will discuss time, give you pointers for walking in (such as how to hold your hands or bouquet) and cue you at the right time so theres no need for you to stress or count music.

4. Ceremony

They will then turn it over to the officiant/commissioner/pastor/justice of the peace to run through the ceremony program

5. Recessional

Once you come to the end of the ceremony program, they will explain how and when to exit for the recessional

6. Special Instructions

At some point, they will also take the time to discuss any special instructions, plans or announcements that need to be made or happen throughout the ceremony

This will likely be REPEATED 1-2 times as needed.



If you do plan to have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator present, I would encourage you to inform your officiant/commissioner/pastor/justice of the peace and if they haven’t worked with one prior, share the above with them. Ensure them that their role is not to take over the rehearsal, or boss them or anyone around, but to take the logistics off their hands so that they can focus on the most important part- the ceremony program.

When the wedding planner or wedding coordinator works effectively together with the officiant/commissioner/pastor/justice of the peace, the rehearsal will be seamless, thorough and quick; Everyone involved will know their role and places and no one will be left wondering what will happen on the day!


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