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December 9


There’s something special about a hand-made DIY ornament.

Whether it’s given as a gift or hangs eloquently on your tree, there’s sentiment and love that hangs with it: the care and time put into making it, the flair of the one who made it and the thought behind creating it, with a specific person in mind. 

These hearts were made from the pages of a favorite book and with my love hearts in tact. Fairly simple to create, these unique ornaments will have you smiling in no time!


  • Cut book pages into 11 X 1 inch thick strips {length is up to you}
  • Take 3 of the strips and place beside each other in a row.
  • Take 2 more strips, and cut .5 inch off. The next 2, cut 1 inch off, then 1.5 inch to follow and 2.0 inch.
  • Lay the strips out, as above in photo, with 1 uncut strip in the middle and two descending stacks on each side, with tallest to shortest.
  • Create one main stack, with largest strip in the middle, shortest next on either side and so on. The two outside strips and the middle strip should be the uncut ones. 
  • Take the shortest inner strips, create a loop on either side of the middle uncut strip and staple.
  • Bring the next strip up to loop, slide into stapled area and hold with your fingers.
  • Follow suit with all remaining strips; you should now see the heart formation.
  • Staple all strips to middle strip, slightly above the original staple.
  • You now have a stretched out version of a heart.


  • Grab the middle strip, slightly below the original staple and pull down towards the base of the heart.
  • An extra loops now sits inside the heart; fold it in half and pinch the base together. The extra loops should have disappeared. 
  • Staple the base on either edge, to create a tidy finish. 
  • Punch a whole in the top and loop with ribbon. 
  • You can choose to leave it as is or  jazz it up by adding bells or an embellishment.


These take patience and a bit of practice! But after a few, you’ll be crafting like a pro.

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    • Kailey-Michelle says:

      Thanks Rebecca! Give it a shot :) I think they make the sweetest little gift. Package in an adorable keepsake box and you have yourself one thoughtful gift!