DIY Flower Vase | Rustic Love Letter Containers

March 20

Many times, we forget the common household items we used to use as kids, for crafting whimsical nothings. Take these adorable DIY flower vases for example. Instead our mind wanders to the complex, leading us (or me at least) straight to the aisles of Michaels, where inevitably I drop a $100.00 without trying!

For a recent project, I wanted something rustic, yet cute, to display a vast amount of florals. I desired a look that was eclectic, but unison in form and allowed for flexibility in presentation- multiple vases was the answer. I needed little more than my recycling bin, craft supplies and a few well read novels….

Feel like giving it a try? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White Craft Glue
  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Recycled Containers, like milk cartons, tin cans or jars
  • Book Pages (I chose love novels, to match the theme in mind)


    1. In a drinking glass, Mix 1 part glue to 3 parts water
    2. Stir until you’ve formed a thin, watery paste (not all glue will dissolve at first)
    3. Taking your book pages, tear squares, strips and rectangles of a decent size (I’d suggest a min of 4 inches thick). You may also use pages in their entirety.
    4. Apply a thin layer of the glue mix to a container, placing your book page on top
    5. Gently swipe another layer of glue on top of page, to secure
    6. Repeat step with your next book page piece, overlapping the 2nd piece with your original
    7. And so on, working from the original piece, all the way around your container. (don’t fret if the pages seem soppy or somewhat see thru. This will disappear as they dry)
    8. Once you’ve covered the entire container, I suggest overlapping a second layer to areas that appear overly “transparent”. This also helps to create dimension.
    9. When satisfied with the coverage, let dry overnight.
    10. Decorate and accessorize until your hearts content!

I’d love to see your DIY flower vase creations! Send me a picture and I just might post it….

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!



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