DIY Cupcakes in a Jar

December 19

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When it comes to hand-made gifts, who doesn’t love an edible delight?! Especially when it’s adorably presented, like these fabulous cupcakes in a jar.

Add in some cute factor, like a cupcake in a jar, and you’ll have me swooning in no time! You could try this with any favorite cupcake recipe; as for me, I’m a sucker for Neapolitan. It makes me giddy like a child.

Perhaps it’s the image of ice cream dates with Grandma growing up, chocolate and strawberry milk after school or maybe, it’s the simplicity of the soft color palette.Regardless, the idea of Neapolitan sweets, brings back warm and fuzzy memories.

What better than to pass on that goodness to a friend or family member?

If you’re feeling adventurous make it from scratch, but for me, it’s about tried and true taste and killer appearance… go for the mix!

Calls for:

  • Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry boxed cake mix
  • Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry pre-made icing and
  • A collection of vintage mason jars {makes up to 24}

A recipe this fool proof, makes even a Jr. look seasoned!

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease mason jars in advance
  • Put a thin layer of water on a cookie sheet and mason jars evenly on it
  • Mix cake batters, one at a time, starting with Vanilla, then Strawberry and Chocolate. (less washing and clean up!} After each, set aside, in their own bowls.
  • Pour chocolate batter into base of each mason jar, approx 1/4 {a little less} of the way up
  • Follow suit, with strawberry and then Vanilla.
  • Bake {without lids} until a tooth pick pricks clean after insertion or the batter springs back slightly after touching; approx: 20 mins
  • After removing from oven, immediately screw lids on to mason jars to cool. {the jars will pop and make sounds while cooling. It’s OK, this is normal}
  • Using three different piping bags, or three hole slit plastic sandwich bags, fill each with a different icing flavor.
  • Place the three bags together in a large plastic freezer bag and slit a hole in it.
  • Swirling as you go, squeeze all the icing flavors at once, on top of the cooled cupcakes.
  • Serve as ready or store in fridge until needed.

Feeling fancy?!
Tie an adorable ribbon around the neck, with a spoon, for good measure!

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