Classy Pumpkin Carving 101

October 28

When it comes to Halloween, I find myself bored with the predictable!

You know the typical snaggle toothed pumpkin, creepy faced creature or terrified cat? Those ones. And to be quite honest, I’d rather not greet my home each day, with ugly, scary looking things. I rather look at a work of art.

So with that in mind, my hubby had the brilliant idea of bringing our faith to the pumpkins….

Meet Jesus and Mary, who sit eloquently on our living room mantle. And believe it or not, we used NO fancy stencils or carving knives. 

Here’s how we created magic:

  1. Find the picture of your choice and print it out on regular paper
  2. Tape the paper to your pumpkin and stab along the lines that will be eventually cut out
  3. Remove the paper and you’ll have yourself an outline of the image
  4. Fully carve through and remove desired pieces   

That’s it! Honestly….

With a little patience, you can have yourself a beauty of a pumpkin. Quite the show stoppers, I would add!

Need some inspiration? I’ve done the work for you.

Good luck! and be sure to send me pictures. 

Happy Halloween, Lovelies.

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