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July 31

Being an Entrepreneur is one of the greatest, yet most challenging adventures of my life. Most others would agree.

More than chasing dreams and making a name for ourselves, I believe that we each have a unique call on our lives, predestined for this very generation; a purpose and mission to reach people and touch lives for good.

Our experiences help shape that mission and our heart towards it. Our giftings are the tools to doing it – to serving others.

When we see our work as more than simply a transaction, or a means for self glorification – when we see hearts, not just numbers and meaning, not just goals – we can truly make a lasting impact and difference in peoples lives and this world…

We can leave a legacy! What entrepreneur doesn’t want that?

As a Christian, that legacy for me is pointing others to the only One worthy of our praise and pursuit – to the faith that saved me.

Both in attitude and thought, word and deed, things spoken and unspoken, my desire is to be light in a dark world and make His name great, not my own.

I can admit it’s a struggle some days. I get lonely being “different” and I’m not always peoples flavour of the month.  But I know that in the end, the lives that have been touched, make every hard moment worth it! And when that day comes and I stand before Jesus, I want to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful one!”

That’s why I’m sharing today. For you – For those of you who see your business as a ministry and have the desire to live out your Christian Faith at work.


7 Habits for Highly Effective Christians in Business

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1. Be Authentically You

When it comes to being authentic, the first step is sharing YOU. Many people shy away from sharing the personal side of their lives and letting people see the heart behind the business face.

But in order to let people in, we must be willing to remove the masks and share more than milestones and victories in our professional lives. It’s the first step to building trust and opening up the doors to deeper communication.

For me, that means share openly and honestly, presenting myself and my experiences in a genuine way that allows people to not only know my heart and my passion, but relate to me.

I’m sure to share not just the good and sparkly, but also the tough seasons and hard lesson that I’ve learnt both in life and through business.

Authenticity is how people see that I genuinely care and that what matters to them, truly matters to me. After all, people don’t care what you say or what you do, until they know how much you truly care.

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2. Prioritize, Have Respect and Set Boundaries

As entrepreneurs, our clients take 1st priority. We’ll bend over backwards, do everything we can and strive to not only please but go above and beyond. While that’s noble,  as Christians, we are called to do everything as unto the Lord and for our eyes to be cast upon him.

Our primary pursuit should be to know God and seek His will for our lives; not our own goals,  ambitions or pleasing the World, including our clients.

For me practically, this means prioritizing my life and pursuits as He would have it:

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Work

That means that no matter how busy I get or what goals I want to accomplish in business, I make time to seek God daily before anything else and I set boundaries in work, so my family doesn’t get my sloppy seconds.

This can be a very difficult thing to do when first starting a business or in the heights of peak busy season. But I tell you from personal experience, the more I set boundaries and respect my priorities, I subconsciously give others permission to do the same!

Let’s be honest. Everyone is tired of running and striving and putting empty pursuits before the things that truly matter and set our hearts on fire! While it may seem silly, doing things like setting proper work hours and days off… and respecting them by NOT checking emails or answering clients, I bless others and inspire them to go live life vibrantly also.

Ways to love your husbandTaking time to live real life will only inspire your work!



3. God’s Business; I just manage it

To be honest, I struggled with this concept for quite some time. Being the A-type, control-freak that I am, I was reluctant to give up the reigns of “my business” to a God a sometimes doubt I’ve heard from.

But regardless, God worked in my heart and showed me that how I manage our finances,  how I spend my time and how I use my talents, is of ultimate concern to Him.

Everything is a gift from above and we are simply stewards of it, on loan.

What does that mean in the daily life of business?

Personally, that means I pray about every decision I need to make and wait to hear from him for answers.  Whether it’s to take on a client or project, invest in a form of marketing or advertising, whether I attend a certain event, which professional relationships I invest in, how I spent my hours each day, which services I offer, how I word things etc.  I pray about everything, respecting God as my ultimate authority and pursuit, trusting that whatever and wherever he leads me is Good and right.


ps: I don’t hear God audibly, nor does he give me a blueprint of what I should do or how things will turn out. He simply lights the paths next step and gives me a deep sense of knowing what I should and shouldn’t do. I try not to do anything until I have contentment and true peace about it. For me, it’s taken patience, trust and a slower pace of life to ensure I have the time and space to seek God and hear him answer.


4.  It starts and Ends with Him

While I’ve touched on it above,  for me the key to living out my Christian faith in Business, is living in a posture of prayer, even throughout my workday. Regardless of how busy I am or the demands of life upon me, I strive to:

  1. Have devotional time each morning to start day
  2. Pray about the direction of my business and my priorities
  3. Pray for my clients personally
  4. Pray before each event and meeting
  5. Pray over important emails and phone calls
  6. Pray about every decision that effects my business
  7. Give praise and thanks each day for both the good and the challenging

I know what you’re thinking and I wish I could lie, but yes, I’ve had to dramatically slow my life down to make time for the above. Taking time to be with and before God for me, means only taking on what He calls me to.

There are so many good things that are indeed good, but I believe God wants the best for us. If we spend our time chasing every good thing that comes our way, the best will pass us by or we’ll be too busy to hear his promptings.

While the thought of “cutting back the extra” can be scary (it was horrifying for me and I thought my business would tragically suffer) God has truly blessed my efforts. I’ve been able to focus on the things that truly matter to me, charge what I’m worth and invest in the Best for my business, as oppose to every potential good thing that ultimately falls flat of expectations.


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5. An opportunity to Serve clients

Initially, I got into weddings having grown up in the industry. Like most females, I swoon for a good love story, adore pretty details and organization runs through my blood.

But as I’ve grown both personally and professionally, my heart for weddings now rests in marriage and helping my clients prepare for a lifetime of blessings as one.

God has shown me that my business is so much more than a paycheque, but an opportunity to bless people in ways others may not be doing so.

By helping my clients remember that the wedding day is so much more than a party, I’m gifting them with a strong start in the greatest (and most challenging) race of their lives.

The wedding day is just the starting line! True Love and adventure waits on the other side.

The same is true for each of us; for every entrepreneur:

  • What is the heart of what you do?
  • Why are you passionate about your job?
  • If money were of no object, what could you do for free forever and why?


Ways to love your husbandGet connected with your core and discover the legacy you’re here to serve!



6. Point to Christ

I can remember feeling stuck – wanting to share my faith and testimony more publicly, but feeling like the only thing people wanted to talk about was “pretty things” and “the party.”It felt hopeless and extremely difficult trying to find the opportunities to share Christ.But as I prayed for God to speak through me and to give me the courage to share my faith even when it didn’t seem necessarily “relevant,” He opened doors and it became easier.

Faith is a part of us; it’s why we do what we do and how we view things. We need to become courageous enough to not keep quiet or omit that part publicly.

It’s easy to be selective with our words, especially if our faith being the answer isn’t typical to the question or topic. Sure we can give practical answers, but we can also share the deeper answer….

Faith. Prayer. Trust. Dependence on a God who identifies us and is our every source of strength. We can also choose to reject a question and share that we don’t see that as truly relevant or important. What is, is…… x,y,z

My biggest encouragement is to simply start by sharing your faith as the reason to everything and not hiding that on your social platforms, business page, website etc.

Like anything, the more you do it, the more natural it becomes.

7. Count it all as Blessed

It’s sounds cliche, but Gratitude changes everything!

Despite how hard some days are, we must choose joy daily and give thanks for everything that comes our way. We have a God who loves us dearly and can be trusted. So if we believe this, than can we not trust that everything, even the tough stuff, comes in grace?

I started a gratitude journal a few years back and take time each day to write down a few things Im grateful for. Somedays the list is long, while others is short and laboured. But when we choose to give thanks, we honour God and speak with actions our desire to know him and be known by him.

A grateful heart is a happy heart with plenty of room for God to move in.



So there you have it; 7 Habits for Highly Effective Christians in Business. Tell me by commenting below: what are some ways you strive to share your faith at work?

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2 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing Kailey! Do you ever “hear” the wrong answer back in prayer? In other words, are you always guided to working with the right clients or have you made mistakes in this regard? Thanks!

    • Sharon this is such an awesome question and it’s something I get asked a lot. heck it’s something I ask other frequently too! The thing is, God speaks most times in a still, quiet voice. Which means we need to create the space to hear from him. Many times,the busyness of life and our own desires and motives get in the way and can cloud what we think we’ve heard. Other times, I believe Satan gets in there and disguises his voice. So we need to be praying for wisdom and discernment to recognize when its Jesus and when it’s not… We’ve all made mistakes in this area. I know I have. But sometimes we won’t know until we simply step out in faith. Many times, When I think I’ve heard from him, I will ask for confirmation or peace and wait again if needed. I hope this helps!