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Featured on Heirloom Magazine: the Untold Story

May 24

After being featured on Style me Pretty, many requested more; a deeper look at my own personal wedding.

So at the request of you, my readers, I obliged and together we traveled through a series called “Our Wedding from my Perspective”–  a detailed revisit from the viewpoint of a bride, as oppose to an industry expert.

There was joy to be had in recounting my day and in sharing all the little details significance. But, I truly believed that was the end of sharing my lovely daydream.

Until this week…

Heirloom Magazine wanted to feature my wedding, but from an angle I’d yet to share; the “untold story” …. 

It took great guts and courage to divulge the truth and declare the “non-public” version. But in the end, I am so proud to say, it’s with grace and honesty I share!


 Kailey-Michelle + David Joshua’s vintage wedding: the untold story. 


Why have a Wedding Video | the debate

April 13

I could go on and on, when it comes to the topic of “why have a wedding video”.

Like most females, I’m all for preserved memories, be it in picture or sound. And my husband, like most men, cringed at the thought of spending large sums to have our wedding captured. But truth be told, we sit here now, nearly 8 months later, with both a lovely mini movie and a heart-wrenching extended feature.

“Wow! I’m SO glad we did this! It was worth every penny.”  Said hubby’s words upon watching it for the first time.

Videography is a must. Here’s why…..

From the standpoint of a bride:

  1. You can forever relive the deepest sense of joy you’ve experienced and remember where it all began
  2. It preserves your personal vows, that took much time, heart and thought to create
  3. Those that were not there to witness your day, can join in the excitement
  4. You can later share the day with your children, grandchildren and extended family
  5. It serves as a family record, once members have passed on

From the standpoint of a groom:

  1. You can revisit the genuine emotion in a real and concrete way, that a still picture can’t recreate
  2. A a couple, you are swept up in the moment, unable to fully take in every detail, moment and sensation. A video will capture the things you missed, only enhancing the days memory.
  3. Behind-the-scenes allows you to witness what you were not able to (ie: your fiance getting ready)
  4. The creative ability, to turn an everyday event into a cinematic movie featuring you, is truly impressive
  5. The enjoyment in seeing your own memories, from the perspective of a bystander, is a rare and unique opportunity


But who needs words, when we have concrete proof?
You can also view our mini feature HERE, by scrolling to the bottom.

Vancouver Wedding Planner get’s Married | Part 5

March 2

And we’re back, with the much anticipated continuation of “Our Wedding from my Perspective: a Vancouver Wedding Planner get’s Married | Part 5.”

These last few months have been an whirlwind of growth, opportunity and countless blessings for KME! I can’t possibly begin to tell you how fortunate I feel, to be doing what I love and meeting such incredible people along the way.

So, after weeks of embracing the beauty of the storm, I took a much needed break to rekindle the heart of what I do: love! And what better way to do so, than recounting the magic of my ceremony?!

vancouver wedding planner

Situated beneath my favorite willow tree, outside the gate of my parents riverside home, we wed. And paying homage to our love of classic romance, I could not have imagined it any other way!

Wedding Planner Vancouver

I wanted our grandparents to feel uniquely special on the day, with symbols that affirmed their importance: the grandfathers wore custom pinwheel boutonnieres, while the grandmothers wore floral adorned pearl bracelets.

Vintage Wedding Planner

{left} In keeping with our vintage feel, Dave and I selected a 1940’s marriage certificate, which we later framed for keepsake. {Right} The willow truly weeped with hand strung pearl garlands, curated by my girlfriend Amy, who commenced HOURS before the ceremony.

Vancouver Vintage Planner

Could a girl ask for more beautiful bridesmaids?!

As an alternative to the traditional ring pillow, we stacked we books together and secured them with lace and an antique buckle. The three books: The bible, The notebook (novel)  and a journal- which we wrote together after a few months of dating, listing the reasons why we choose each other, each and every day. 

DIY vintage wedding

For years it was just my mom and I, before my stepdad ignited our lives. In honor of our bond, my mom walked me down the first half of the aisle, where my dad met us half-way, to walk the remainder. This moment will forever be cherished, as my mom shook with nerves, telling me how proud she was to give me away.

We were blessed to have Dave’s father, an ordained minister marry us: together, with him, we hand-crafted the entire ceremony- a genuine and passionate reflection of our two hearts and our journey together.

Neighbors were perched on their balconies and walkers were stopped in their tracks, as we committed our lives to each other and our God. We later were approached by many, who told us it was the most personal and beautiful ceremony they had ever witnessed.

Dave and I shared personal vows, which we wrote on custom stationary, now archived in lovely, wax sealed envelopes. Truth be told, I’ve opened them on multiple occasions to re-read his beautiful words. This was the most powerful moment above all.

In the haste of his excitement and emotions of marrying his last and youngest son, Dave’s father forgot to exchange the rings! With grace, he told the story of how, in all his years as a pastor (over 30) he had only done this twice prior- at the marriage of his two other sons. With giddy anticipation, we re-routed back to the rings…

Missing the rings could not have been more appropriate for Dave and I’s relationship. Our parents have always joked that we tend to put the caboose before the train and in this moment below, Dave and I were laughing at JUST THAT!  Like us, our ceremony was beautifully “flawed.” 

vintage wedding Vancouver

After kissing my incredibly husband for the first time, I looked up into the tree to take it all in; the sound of birds above, the slight swish of the river and the graceful sway of hanging pearls above-magic in purest form. 

vancouver wedding planner

Joy. Simple and all encompassing.

Note the neighbors overjoyed to have watched from afar.

Guests were greeted in the yard with scrumptious pink champagne, before heading back to the tree for a toast and opening remarks.

My beautiful parents- mom sporting knock out couture!

vintage weddings vancouver

My brother- never before had he hugged me so hard.

I was delighted to have my Brother welcome guests- charming no doubt and he never ceases to make me laugh….

{left} Reeaaaallll hard! {right} me, mocking my brother. It never ends! 


And were were off…. to a beautiful heritage school house for high tea and vintage games. Stayed tuned for the final part of our journey, the reception!

a Vancouver Wedding Planner Marries | Part 4

January 24

On our journey through, “Our wedding from my perspective,” we’ve come to the beautiful moment where Dave and I spent some precious time in solitary embrace. All throughout, I couldn’t help but reflect on the power of what was to come…..

 If I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

vintage Wedding planner

 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Vintage Wedding Planner

 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Vancouver Wedding Planner

Love never fails.
Vancouver Wedding Planner

 And now these three remain:

faith, hope and love.

DIY wedding plannerVancouver Wedding Planning

But the greatest of these is love.  ~  1 Corinthians: 13

The moment we would officially declare our love, was soon to come. Join me next time, as I share the magic of our ceremony….


Vancouver Vintage Wedding | Part 3

January 11


Today we continue our look at the vancouver vintage wedding of yours truly.

After being Primped and Pampered, then, brushing away my tears of joy, we headed to a local heritage site, Stewart Farm, for some fun.

I absolutely loved this part of our day! Bring goofy (essentially, ourselves) with our favorite people ever, was more fun than we could have imagined.

Julia and Rob, from Ameris Photography, are quite the playmates, themselves. There’s nothing quite like silliness in a fabulous frock and heels!

vintage wedding vancouver

Yes…. Jokes about Eve tempting Adam were made!

Part way into our early morning session, the flowers arrived, quaintly packaged by my girlfriend, Kjerstin. Who, might I point out, did all the incredible florals for our day.

I absolutely adore how non-traditional the boutonnieres were. I wanting something garden-esk, with a touch of sophistication.

These boys are about as ridiculous as they come……

We stayed classy, NY.

Note the apple in his hand.

Now, see it flying?!  It hit Dave SMACK in the head. Bulls eye.

I think I may have had the most gorgeous bridal party, ever! {only slightly biased}

vancouver wedding planner

I would have been happy if this time was all the day consisted of! But before we headed off, it was time for Dave and I to share a few moments….

Stay tuned for our super sweet Bride + Groom Portrait session. <3