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Performance Works Wedding on Granville Island

October 22

With demanding jobs on their hands and a specific vision for how they dreamed of their big day,  Adrianna and Sergio came to me looking for someone to help them enjoy the planning process free of stress and full of the joy one dreams about.

Through the 18 months we spent planning each step in unison, these two burrowed a way into my heart.

Their day was truly nothing short of magical; a picturesque summers day on Granville Island, a dramatic, theatre inspired ceremony full to the brim with joyous tears and belly laughs, a sophisticated 4-course traditional Italian feast with table-side family service and a dance party that had every shoe kicked off and the dance floor bumping.

But through it all, I was blessed to help them prepare for a life together- a marriage even more beautiful than the wedding we planned for them!

While their day had me elated at just how beautiful and full of sheer joy it was, there was a quiet sadness inside my heart….I didn’t want to say goodbye! It may have been the close of our chapter together, it was just the beginning of their real life fairytale.

“You don’t truly realize how much you need a kind, caring, hopeless romantic, strong, organized, considerate and professional person helping you until your wedding day!

We couldn’t be more thankful to have had Kailey-Michelle helping us go through all the ups and downs that got us to the aisle…

If there’s one thing that was THE BEST on our wedding day, was how I literally just had to show up and participate in the show that she was directing! I thoroughly enjoyed just taking the day in and not worrying about a thing because Kailey-Michelle literally had everything under control! She really did a fantastic job.

I truly know that anyone lucky enough to work with her will have the same, wonderful experience my husband and I had. She was filled with suggestions, great working with all the vendors and helped keep both our heads on straight. She made a very big difference to a very special day in our lives.

Kailey-Michelle -I really hope you know how much it means to both of us you being present, being a friend and being there when we really needed it.

Much love!! xoxo.” Adrianna Zalinko | Bride

Life Studios did an amazing job capturing the essence of their day; the joy, the excitement and the serious fun they and their guests had celebrating what matters most!

There’s no denying that it takes team work, dedication and a unified desire to serve with excellence, that sets a successful event apart. This production was no exception!

Thank you to incredible professionals who helped make the magic happen:


Wedding Planner | Kailey Michelle Events
Venue | Performance Works
Photography/ Videography | Life Studios
Marriage Commissioner | Laurie Richards
Flowers and Decor | Delovely Creative
Wedding Cake | Kien and Sweet
Catering | Drew Cooks
Hair and Makeup | Nadia Albano
DJ | Girl on Wax
Live Entertainment | Musical Occasions 

Okanagan Wedding Planner | Destination Wedding Okanagan | Pt 1

July 16

To be honest, I’ve been putting off sharing Sonia + Andy’s incredible Destination Okanagan Wedding.

Why? Because it was one of the most beautiful and special experiences I’ve ever had with clients and I fear my words will fail me in expressing how truly unique and heartwarming it was.

These two lovebirds live in Boise, Idaho and after seeing my work published on Style Me Pretty, reached out to ask if I would be interested in working with them. They were a charismatic and easily loveable outdoorsy duo who didn’t care where they married, so long as the experience honoured their story and the people that have helped shape the individuals they are today. Family was their number one priority.

They didn’t care about them or about the show. They cared about how their guests felt and wanted nothing more than for them to have a vacation that was truly unforgettable.

And that it was….

Set beneath the hills of Naramata BC, Sonia and Andy welcomed 40 of their closest friends and family members to Sandy Beach Lodge for five days. Their wedding day would be the grand finale- the electric fireworks to ring out their time together.

Each family, including myself and assistant Amy, was treated to their own log cabin just steps from Okanagan Lake. They spent the week hiking, swimming, boating, touring vineyards and indulging in incredible nightly feasts from family style BBQ’s, roasts and their favourite food truck fare.

By the time their wedding day rolled around, everyone was happier than clams and as relaxed as anyone could ask for.

One of the things I loved about working with these two, was dreaming up countless little ways to share their story and thread sentiment throughout their wedding. Details were their favourite, which delighted me to no end.

But before I go any further on that note I want to share something so important…

Not for a moment did either of these two let the details and the planning steal focus from what truly matters on wedding day.

They had their sights set right from the get go, to stay present and in the moment to absorb every tiny sensation. If anything went wrong, then so be it. And if something was forgotten, so what.

Being the logistical perfectionists that they are [they’re both civil engineers!] they knew having someone they trusted was worth every pretty penny. I was so proud of them for being able to truly let go and revel in the moment. It showed every second on their glowing, cheerful faces.

It was important to Sonia that she see her father first. She wanted an intimate moment where he could savour a second with his little girl and prepare emotionally to give her away. I don’t care what anyone says, your wedding day is as much for your parents as it is for you and your daddy’s been dreaming about walking you down the aisle since you told him you were engaged.

Sonia wanted to carried those she’s loved and lost close to her on wedding day, so she honoured their memory with lockets on her bouquet.

It was Sonia’s dream to marry on the water and despite taunting rain showers all morning, the skies opened up to welcome guests to Naramata Warf Park.

Their personalized ceremony was one of the most emotional ones I’ve witnessed, led by their close friend and thread with stories from friends about how they met and funny moments throughout their journey together.

Seeing Andy’s face as Sonia walked down the aisle said everything. This man was truly smitten… head over heals and gaga for his sweety!

Following the ceremony they wanted a moment to themselves, so we whisked them away for some canoodling in the sun.

Stay tuned for Part two of Sonia + Andy’s day | The cocktail hour and reception. So many details and inspiration you won’t want to miss, including my personal favourite, their smash the piñata session!


Ps: It was an absolute delight to see their Destination Okanagan Wedding featured on the Real Weddings Magazine blog.


Fabulous Vendors who helped make their day flawless:

Wedding Planner & Stylist: Kailey Michelle Events
Photographer: The Nickersons
Ceremony Venue: Naramata Wharf Park
Reception Venue: Sandy Beach Resort
Catering: A Culinary Adventure
Floral & Decor: Stage Right Etc.
Live Entertainment: SideOne
Pastries & Sweet Treats: The White Apron Pastry Co.
Hairstylist: Aimee at Best Little Hair House
Makeup: Bri Stein Artistry
Transportation: Nixdorf Classic Cars


Wedding Designer vs Wedding Decorator

March 13

After countless hours of conversation, emails and blog posts, I want to discuss something that leaves many people [most to be honest] confused and with question…

“What” they ask, “is the difference between a wedding decorator, a planner and a stylist”?

More often then not, people assume they’re the same thing.

Truth be told, the wedding industry isn’t regulated and largely, companies choose for themselves what they do and how they’ll do it. Decorators/ designers offering planning. Planners offer decorating and design. And then, with the infusion of “styled shoots” [ie: editorial management and styling], styling entered the mainstream wedding service repertoire.

It left not only vendors confused as to what it is, “people like me do,” but also clients!

“Are you a planner, a decorator or a stylist?” I hear this day, after day, after day…

But it’s more than just a trite stock answer. Because here’s the thing-  9 out of 10 “planners/stylists/decorators” will tell you something difference. We’ve each got our own spin on things and in a competitive market, everyones trying to find their niche and fill a need.

According to one definition a STYLIST is “a person whose job is to arrange in an attractive way.”

And from the same source, a DESIGNER is a person who plans the form, look, or workings of something before its being made or built, typically by drawing it in detail.

Finally, a DECORATOR is ” someone who makes (something) look more attractive by adding items or images.”

Any clearer? Like mud, right?! 


Think about planning your wedding like building a house. Hiring a wedding planner is like hiring a builder or contractor. And hiring a designer and/or stylist is like bringing an interior designer to the team. A decorator is like the places and stores in which the designer/stylist will go to buy the physical items that will beautify the home. 

While that analogy is simple, in essence, every professional will bring these roles to life in their own unique light and talent.

For Kailey Michelle Events, this is what it means…

Wedding Planning

While I could be all frilly and paint you a pretty picture, in essence wedding planning is this: You “personal shop” while we handle the logistics and stress of planning every major and minor detail. From budget management, vendor referrals and negotiations, to detail tracking and extensive timeline and floor plan creation, we’re here to be your guide, your organizer, your reminder and your right hand!

Then come wedding day, we’ll orchestrate magic to ensure all unfolds precisely as you’ve planned and you’re left [your friends + family too] to simply enjoy every single moment. From sorting seating cards, overseeing set up, handing out boutonnieres, to making sure you [and everyone else for that matter!!] are where they need to be when, organizing the flow and cueing of the days events and trouble shooting when needed; we play host so you’re nothing but the bride.

In a nutshell, planning is the brain behind your event, not the fluff. 

Read more on the role of a wedding planner | The truth about Wedding Planners Part 1 +  Part 2


Wedding Styling

After you’ve spent countless hours decor hunting, crafting hand-made touches and planning the picture perfect design, you’re left wondering who will set it all up on the day and ensure it looks fabulous, while you’re busy being the bride…

After all, it takes great patience, exquisite attention to detail and a natural flair for the creative to make a setting that looks intentional, striking and romantic, not just thrown together. Why have family attempt to recreate your minds eye when you can leave it to a professional? A stylist will ensure perfection and WOW you by recreating your minds eye.

Think of a stylist like an interior decorator but for your wedding! At KME that means we’ll review your vision,  unpack your decor, set up every detail and stylize ‘till perfection.

Largely, styling is for clients who choose NOT to work with a decorator or decor rental company, or have a vast amount of personal items being added to the overall design, which the decor rental company is not responsible for putting out.

In a nut shell, styling is the fluff of the event, not the brain. 



Wedding Design

When you don’t know where to start or what you even want, a wedding designer is the answer. Just as your wedding needs to be planned, so does your decor need to be conceptualized. How else will you pair down, build a solid cohesive look and bring your never ending pinterest board of inspiration to life?

Through inspiration of your story and life, we’ll help enhance, sort and translate your ideas in a reality, threading your event with personality and sophistication. So when guests arrive, they’ll be wowed by the reflection it is of your two hearts.

From initial theme conception to design of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, well develop visuals for your viewing and book the vendors needed to make your design dream happen. For KME, this includes design consulting, story board assembly, floor plan creation, sourcing and securing of your decor related vendors, such as, florist, cake designer, stationery, decor and venue rentals.

In a nut shell, design is the brain of the fluff for your event. 


So now you’re probably asking, where does a decorator come in?

A decorator, also a decor company or decor rental company, is a company who handles and warehouses the physical decor needed to bring your event to life. Most decor companies will have one, if not a few, designers on staff who can do the above, all while working within their roster of decor available for rent. While they also act out the function of a stylist and a designer, their primary business is focused on distribution of their physical inventory, whether that be through setting it up themselves or renting it out to clients and other professionals.

Which brings me full circle, to the intent and purpose of this blog post – to clarify the confusion that because KME offers styling and design, we are also rent out decor.

While some designers/stylists may offer their services like that of a decorator, this is not the case for KME.

We are traditional in the sense that we act as the third party creative pairing clients with the companies and means to bring their vision to life.

We do not house or carry in house decor available for rent. Rather, our services focus on and offer exclusively the consulting and labour of planning, design and styling.


I thank you friends, for your grace and understanding of this post.

My hope is that is serves to answer any lingering questions about all that is included in Kailey Michelle Events boutique wedding planning, design and styling services.


See Real Weddings planned, designed and styled by Kailey Michelle Events



 Photo Credit top to bottom: Studio Jeanie, Dragonflight Photography , FRESH photos



Elegant Capilano Golf Club Wedding | Annabelle + Richard

February 6

Annabelle and Richard’s Capilano Golf Club Wedding was more than simply elegant and classy; it was heartfelt and meaningful, filled with emotion to spare!

While the ceremony took place, KME stylists were nestled high about the guests, over looking their beautiful exchange. Tears were flowing and kleenex were our favourite and we certainly weren’t alone!

We heard the heart of why these two chose each other and will walk faithfully through whatever plans God has set before them. A chord of three strands is not easily broken! 

When it came to design, Annabelle wanted guests to feel relaxed, in an intimate atmosphere, that was reflective of their two hearts.

The welcome table featured bundles of fragrant hand-picked lavender, a personal collection of antique milk jars, along with the sweetest Build-as-you-go Jenga Guestbook!

We brought the rustic nature of our coast inside for out-of-town guests to savour our city, while “Grow Love” seed paper favours and bundles of garden florals, honoured their love of being in nature.

Family style harvest tables, sheer curtains billowing with wind, flickering candle light and the smell of lavender lingering in the air- you couldn’t help but stop and “smell the roses” to truly appreciate the setting.

“You my dear, have totally blown me away! Both the ceremony and the reception were gorgeous. Thank you for creating such a beautiful venue and bringing my dream into reality.
You have such talent and God has blessed you immensely.” ~ Annabelle

This lovely message awaited me the morning after their wedding, which is a gift in and of itself.  I tell my clients to simply forget the world after their big day, to focus on the moment and only each other. So, knowing she took the time out – to halt the love, snuggles and kisses – to tell me thank you? Wow. What a gesture!

Many blessings to these beautiful two souls for a lifetime of blessings in marriage!


Kudos to Artiese who so eloquently captured their day.


Vancouver Event Planner | Women’s Christmas Event

December 4

Today I’m excited to share something a little different than the beautiful vintage inspired nuptials that have become KME’s signature and niche specialty!

This past November I was asked to plan and design a Christmas Women’s event for Coquitlam Alliance Church. The event was geared at helping women mature spiritually by discovering their uniqueness in Christ and learning to embrace the gifts He’s given them to use!  [You can hear my heart and the inspiration behind the evenings focus HERE]

Guest Speaker, Debbie Maddigan, joined for an evening of insight into who we truly are and how that affects the way we live our lives, especially around Christmas!  When we say we are each God’s masterpiece, we aren’t just referring to the woman down the street! God doesn’t make mistakes. So together, we prepared for a season of thanksgiving and worship, honouring the God who created us each with different talents for a purpose!

Whether you’re a mini martha or not, as women, so much of what we do, how we spend our time and show our love, is wrapped up in hospitality – welcoming people into our homes, creating something beautiful for them with our talents and passion, speaking into and encouraging other women, raising families and making home truly, “home sweet home.”

So with this in mind, I envisioned an over-arching theme of hospitality that gave shape to the design we brought to life. I wanted the women attending to feel like they were being welcomed into a home- our church home- and the kitchens and families of those that make up the CAC community.

My favourite design element of the evening was the uber adorable “heaps of love” vintage teaspoons, which we hung as ornaments for women to take home as a gift- a token to remember the evening by.

Over 20 women baked their secret family recipes to share, which were displayed in a country cottage style dessert buffet, with crafted labels that shared who’s recipe it was. Amongst the scrumptious goodies, were antique kitchen gadgets and collectables.

And to please the inner kidlet in us all, we featured a DIY hot cocoa station, with retro hot chocolates to choose from and all the fixings, including CHOCOLATE whip cream! I know. It’s my favourite too!

I was so thrilled to see so many women give from their hearts, by donating to our Christmas Hamper initiative. Such a simple act of kindness truly does show someone they matter and that God has not forgotten them!

I was overwhelmed with the amount of women that showed up [nearly 300!], including so many of my friends and family. What a beautiful way to prepare our hearts for the Christmas season ahead and begin thinking about how we will be intentional with the gifts and talents God’s blessed us with. WHY? Because Christmas after all is Jesus’ birthday, so let’s give him the best birthday HE could ask for!

A HUGE, HUGE thanks to Lead of The Old Farmhouse for graciously donating countless vintage treasures and props for the evening. This incredible women welcomed me into her home and gave me pick of the draw when it came to decor. I could not have brought my vision to life without her. She truly was an answer to prayer!

PS: If you’re looking for ways to do make Christmas meaningful this year, check out what Dave and I have been doing for the past few years… We took back Christmas and it feels SO GOOD!