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Sutton Place Hotel Wedding | Ethereal Ballroom Wedding

July 20

My first wedding back from semi-maternity leave, Keith and Charmaine’s ethereal ballroom wedding made for the sweetest return.

Held at the Sutton Place Hotel, adorned with their infamous crystal chandeliers, luscious blooms and pampered by impeccable staff, everything about their day was elegant and sophisticated.

But even more than the physical beauty, their day was rooted deep in vibrant faith and a child-like joy that surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced with clients- giddy delight in purest form.

“We owe Kailey-Michelle so much. Everything turned out stress free and WAY beyond our expectations. She did everything with such grace and enthusiasm and boy does this lady know her stuff!

All of the vendors she recommended were 5 stars as well! She is so kind and easy to work with.

Aside from having a beautiful wedding day that went off without a hitch, the best part was my fiancee and I being able to enjoy each other the year prior to the wedding without having to spend an excessive amount of time planning.

She will take all the guess work out of your planning, give you excellent and honest advice some of which you have never thought of, and have your wedding day under complete control so that you can enjoy it with complete assurance that all is being taken care of.

We give her our highest recommendations! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for turning what was a very intimidating prospect of planning a wedding into a most wonderful and enjoyable experience. We couldn’t ask for anything more!” – Keith and Charmaine Sun


  • Wedding Planning | Kailey Michelle Events
  • Photography | Nadia Hung Photography
  • Florals | Blooming Aisle
  • Reception | Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver
  • Cake | Anna Elizabeth Cakes
  • Videography | Wakefield Weddings
  • Hair and Makeup | Tori Blush Co.


Intimate Wedding Vancouver | Crescent Beach Wedding at Beecher Place

April 29

Working with clients is an extremely intimate thing for me as a wedding planner. I’d love to tell you that I get excited with every inquiry that hits my inbox, but the truth is I don’t. Theres a certain element of whimsy, romance and a focus on relationships and love, that comes through when I know I’ve found my [client] match…

I’m intentional in keeping my business boutique – small is the new big – so that I can fully invest myself, both my talents and my heart, into each client. To me it’s more than a paycheque or even an excuse to do what I love.

I see hearts and not bookings. Marriage and not parties. Friends and not profits.

To me, Wedding Planning is an opportunity to bless someone, make a difference in one of the most significant chapters of a family’s life and shoulder the stress that many times steals the focus from the things that matter most – relationships and love.

This is the heartbeat of Kailey Michelle Events and to honour that, I’m selective in how I invest my time professionally.

As I said before, I didn’t intent to take on anymore clients when God intervened and prompted me work with Sheryl and Mark, despite my being 8 months pregnant come wedding day. It was a challenge, but the moments shared with these two were so dear to me and it was truly one of the greatest working experiences I’ve had to date. I’m overwhelmed with their family’s love, graciousness, sincerity and pure joy that was shared and extended to both myself and Amy.

We became so much more than their wedding planners, but their friends and by wedding day, family.

Reminiscent of your favourite family dinner but better, these beautiful hearts celebrated and feasted with 5 of their dearests, in the most elegant of settings. One page out of their forever story, their wedding day overflowed with laughter, love and the things that matter most.

In the morning, Sheryl’s dad shared photos from his wedding day to her mom, who tragically passed away a few years back. But she is never forgotten and always remembered; there in spirit and in the hearts of those who loved her dearly.

We transformed one ordinary hall into a cozy haven of their favourite things – the ocean, rustic barn wood, antiques, games night, candlelight and their adorable labradoodle Eddy – inviting guests into a “home away from home.” The result was pure magic, as genuine as the love and friendship shared between them.

“She just got it! She made our experience fun, magical and memorable.”

We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect “small vintage” intimate wedding venue. While browsing through different sites, I came across Kailey-Michelle’s work and thought “that looks like my dream wedding”, so her style definitely drew us to her initially.
But we knew she was perfect when we met her – she was so friendly and enthusiastic, and when we tried to describe the feel we wanted for our wedding – she instantly just got it.

We also loved that she never wavered in reminding you that your wedding is about you, but that the real goal is a loving-lasting marriage- and that stays at the heart of her work.

Kailey-Michelle, thank you so much for making our dream wedding come to life! We are so appreciative of your hard work in planning everything and putting together the pieces; also for your reminders that what matters most is a marriage more beautiful than our wedding day. We believe you meet people for a reason. You are truly a beautiful and inspiring person and we are so thankful our paths crossed!

Thank you for caring so much about us and about making our day special. It is you who made our wedding experience fun, magical and memorable! For that we will be forever grateful.
-Sheryl McCabe | Bride [January 17, 2015]

This wedding was a beautiful display of collaboration and passion. I’m grateful to the many hearts who helped transform this ordinary day into the tale of two hearts:

  • Wedding Planner and Designer | Kailey Michelle Events
  • Photographer | Matt Kennedy
  • Decor Rentals and Design | Delovely Creative
  • Decor Rentals | Spruce Vintage Rentals
  • Venue | Beecher Place
  • Catering | Two Peas in a Pod
  •  Officiant | Doug Cameron
  • Hair and Makeup | Tori Blush Co.
  • Limosine | Vintage Limo


KME Couples | Introducing Sheryl + Mark

January 7

I had just completed my final wedding of the 2014 wedding season and the reality of being mom soon was setting in. I had decided I would not longer take on weddings before wee ones arrival in March, when Sheryl’s email came in.

I read it and my heart leapt inside. I wanted to work with her.

I sat and stared at the email for a few hours, praying for wisdom on how to proceed. I had a nagging feeling that these two were special and so too, would their wedding be….


After confessing that their wedding date landed in my 8th month of pregnancy, Sheryl quickly wrote back in excitement with a a trust in me and a desire to proceed in working together.

Boy, am I so glad she did! These two have blessed me immensely in the three short months we’ve walked hand in hand in making their intimate winter wedding a reality.

I could go on and on about how wonderful they are, but instead, I’ll let them share themselves and their hearts with you:

Describe yourselves as a couple, in 3 words

  1. Loving
  2. Supportive
  3. Lighthearted

2. Describe your perfect Sunday

They’re quiet and relaxing, filled with simple pleasures and spent with family.

We like to get up slowly on Sunday, Mark makes coffee, and I make breakfast. We go on a longer walk with our dog, Eddy, and then come home to watch some football in the fall and winter, or enjoy the sunshine in spring and summer.

Sundays are the one day a week we don’t work – and whatever we do, we do together, so Sundays are our favorite day!

3. What matters most to you on wedding day?

That all the people we love the most are with us and we are able to let go and fully enjoy the moment.

4. What special touches are you adding to your wedding, to create an authentic and genuine portrayal of your two hearts?

We really wanted everything about our wedding to reflect us – where we have come from and how we have grown together.

We chose a venue that is close to home and close to a special place for us. We are making name cards from driftwood from the place we got engaged and almost all of the bridal accessories are heirlooms given or borrowed from family.

We will have games that are family favorites, and music that will bring back fun memories for us and our family. We will even have our dog at our wedding, because it just wouldn’t be the same without him.

5. What have you learnt so far in your wedding planning that you could offer as advice to other brides to be?

By the time we chose our perfect wedding date, we had just over 3 months to find a venue and do all the planning (thank goodness we found Kailey-Michelle!).

We’ve learnt that it helps to have a very clear idea of yourselves, your style and the type of wedding you want.

Things take longer and are more expensive than you expect, so being very organized with your time and money is important.

It’s also great to ask for help and don’t feel bad about it. People close to you always want to help!

6. What drew you to KME and excites you most about working with Kailey-Michelle?

We are having a very small wedding, so we spent a lot of time looking for the perfect “small vintage” wedding venue. While browsing through different sites, I came across some of her work and thought “that looks like my dream wedding”, so her style definitely drew us to her initially.

We knew she was perfect when we met her – she was so friendly and enthusiastic, and when we tried to describe the feel we wanted for our wedding – she instantly just got it.

We are really confident that she is going to make our wedding exceptionably memorable – both in the styling, and in taking care of the wedding-day details so we can just focus on staying in the moment.

One other thing we love about Kailey is that she never waivers in reminding you that your wedding is about you, but that the real goal is a loving-lasting marriage- and that stays at the heart of her work.



They tie the knot in Crescent Beach on January 17th in an intimate Winter Elopement Wedding. I could divulge all the incredible plans we have up our sleeve for their day, but for now I’ll leave you with this: Fireside Candlelight Service, Birchwood Dining Canopy and 7 of their closest friends and family celebrating oceanside.

You can follow along behind-the-scenes here and be sure to leave them some encouragement and love in the comments below!


Photos by Matt Kennedy and more of their San Juan Engagement Session at the family cabin



Whimsical Country Farm Wedding| Vancouver Barn Wedding Part 2

December 16

I didn’t think it could happen again, but it did. I sat down to write the conclusion of Amber and Morgan’s whimsical vancouver barn wedding and the emotions started to pour. The same thing happened when I wrote part 1

I attribute it to all we walked through together and the pride I feel for having watched these two consistently choose what mattered most – even when it was hard – throughout their year and a half journey to the aisle.

When I count my blessings, I count these two and their family twice… OK, maybe three times!

When I have the pleasure of styling my clients wedding, one of my [many] favourite moments comes mid day; when I get to finally reveal the finished product! There’s something so special and dear to me about seeing a brides face when her dream has finally become reality…

when all the hours, days and sometimes even years of crafting, waiting and dreaming come together and it’s SO MUCH BETTER than they could have ever imagined. That is what I pray for each and every time!

Amber’s reaction blew my every hope and expectation out of the water. She was overjoyed, overwhelmed and absolutely delighted. Her face simply could not hide it.

I am beyond grateful to Matt and Carissa Kennedy for capturing this time we shared together. Take note photographers: This is what sets incredible photographers apart from good ones; taking the time to go above and beyond, even for your fellow professionals!

Truth be told, this had to be one of my absolute favourite dessert bars to style! Not only did I have incredible decor to work with but the sweet treats were out of this world adorable not to mention delicious. [I had to taste test of course] The LOVE marquis sign, a gift from one of the brides girlfriends, took the cuteness factor right out of this world.

Guests were so in love with everything, they snapped pictures in front of it constantly throughout the night and the bar was nearly bone dry come the end of the evening. An absolute success of a sweets table if I’ve ever seen one.

And then there was the super sweet comic book themed cake topper. When they coined the wedding Geek CHIC, they truly hit it on the nail. Every nod to their shared loved of comic books and super heroes was tasteful and undeniably adorable.

The atmosphere throughout the evening was one of familiarity, comfort and family; every guest mattered and professional included. Each individual was assured of their value in being there and made to feel special in some way.

The heartbeat of Amber, Morgan and their families wrapped my own in immense gratitude to have been a part of their journey to the aisle.

The truth is, I had one incredible team by my side for this wedding and I absolutely could not have done it without them. They worked tirelessly over an 18 hour day to make this vision come together and execute it with poise, class and professionalism. Thank you seems so small; you know who you are!

My gratitude doesn’t end there; it extends to the many people and companies that brought their passion and talents to our collaborative team:


  • Wedding Planner and Stylist | Kailey Michelle Events
  • Decor | Brides personal Collection + DIY projects
  • Venue | Harris Barn 
  • Photography | Matt Kennedy Photos
  • Videography | Steve Williems 
  • Flowers | Floralista
  • Sweets and Cake | Spiritual Ingredients 
  • Catering | Two Peas in a Pod 

And incase you haven’t yet had your fill enough, you can relive the magic of their day:



Whimsical Geek Chic Kirkland House Wedding | Part ONE

November 19

Finding an appropriate title for this blog post was extremely difficult and while I settled on “Geek Chic” Kirkland House Wedding, affectionately named this by the groom, by heart leans more toward “Sentimental, intimate Whimsical Family Celebration.”

….because in all honesty, Morgan and Amber’s wedding day was one of the most beautiful celebrations of what matters, that I’ve ever had the pleasure of planning!

While the two envisioned a day that tied together their love of all things vintage (Amber) and geekery (Morgan), their hearts deepest desire was to live the moment.

In truth, they had to fight to stay focused on what mattered most when illness, venue complications and overwhelming expectations threatened to steal their joy.

Through it all, their families unconditional love and the bond the two shared wrapped every anxious thought in assurance-

that no matter what, the day would be everything it was meant to be, if we continue to give thanks and keep our eyes set on the heart of their wedding day; their love, their relationships and the marriage waiting on the other side of “I do!”

The vast majority of family lived afar and we’re unfortunately unable to make the wedding, including Amber’s oldest and dearest girlfriend. With many “failed attempts” at trying to get her here, including skyping her in or having the ceremony simulcasted online, there was a quiet sadness that she wouldn’t be able to share the day with someone who meant so much to her.

But little did she know it was all a ruse….

Amber’s mother had been in cahoots and arranged a sweet surprise for her girlfriends attendance.

During her makeup touch up, I brought Amber’s girlfriend in the back door and instantly the tears began to flow- not only from them, but from myself and  the photographers!

It was one of the most intimate and beautiful moments I’ve witnessed in a long time.

Amber was truly the picture of blushing bride that day, calm and completely present to enjoy the moment. Each time I checked in with her, a smile was plastered across her face and she was taking in every sensation with the people that have helped shape who she is today.

Morgan has a major crush on Deloreans, not to mention it’s use in Back to the future. So as a surprise, Amber chased one down one afternoon, begging to use it for the day!

It perfectly complemented the guys super hero themed boutonnières and cufflinks! Are they not the cutest comic themed nods you’ve ever seen?!

Nestled beneath a gorgeous oak tree, the two shared personal vows in front of 50 of their closest friends and family.

Every design element has been crafted with love in countless hours of antique hunting, collecting family heirlooms and day long crafting parties. It was truly an honour to style over a year and a half’s worth of labours of love.

“If it was not for you, the day would not have been as smooth and beautiful as it was.

You took all the pressure, worry, stress and conflict off of us and I can’t thank you enough for that!

I felt like you were as much a part of my family, as my own are!” ~ Michelle | Mother of the Bride

Stay tuned for Part two, where I’ll share their beautiful bridal party portraits and we’ll delve deep into their whimsical DIY Barn Wedding Reception!

SO MUCH MORE gorgeousness to come….


Many thanks to the hearts and talents that helped bring this portion of their day to life:

Wedding Planner and Stylist | Kailey Michelle Events
Venue | Kirkland House
Photography | Matt Kennedy Photos
Marriage Commissioner | Jordan Bateman
Flowers | Floralista
Hair and Makeup | Caitlyn J Makeup Artistry