Bridal Show Survival Guide | Part 2

March 5

My friend, it’s that time of year again… Bridal Show season, that is!

And I’m here with part 2 of our Bridal Show Survival Guide.

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7.Keep your posse small- even better go with just your fiancé!

While it all seems exciting and you want to share in it with everyone, avoid bringing your posse and theirs along. It might seem like a nice gesture to invite all your bridesmaids and family, the array of personalities and opinions can cause more overwhelm then help.

My best suggestion: bring your maid of honour and possibly mom, better yet, your fiancé!  You want individuals with you who know your heart, your dreams [priorities too!] and will also keep in mind that it’s your day, not theirs. Wedding shows are not the time to live vicariously through others or feast on the assortment of free goodies to pass time!

Use each show as a genuine opportunity to compare and contrast with sounding boards on hand.

ps: Vendors are nearly desperate to have real conversations with brides. Most whip past them with minimal need to connect more than to ask for their freebie or take a card and get moving.

Don’t be afraid to engage those in their booth; ask questions, share your dreams AND your concerns and you’d be surprised the special attention you’ll receive. Show your genuine interest and they’ll be sure to give you their best!


8. Come Early or Late – miss the mid day rush

Let me guess- you’re planning on showing up after a fabulous brunch or to follow with evening cocktails? Truth be told, so is everyone else!

Come mid day, you’ll be battling the crowds and shoving to see what’s at each booth. While it may take more effort, try coming right when the show opens and you’ll be surprised the extra attention you’ll receive.

Alternatively, you can come later in the day when things have died down a bit and vendors are thrilled to pass the last few hours chatting with you. Trust me, you’re not bothering them! They came there to see you, right down to the very last minute.


9. Open a registry there (if going for a traditional one)

While many are opting for non-traditional registries like Cash, money trees and vacation funds, there are countless women like you vying for new home decor and kitchen gadgets.

If you be one of these lovelies, make time to sign up at a show. With most companies, like The Bay, Cookworks and Williams-Sonoma,  you’ll receive awesome bonuses simply for signing up on site. But be forewarned it does take time, so account for an extra 30 mins- 1 hr, should you decide to start scanning items on the the spot.

10. Wait to buy the magazines 

The moment the ring is on, the next step is the super market. Bridal magazines galore! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for- a free pass to finally buying the magazine because you need them, not just for dreaming in secret!

At $5-10 a pop, they simply add up fast. But here’s a secret… you can get them for FREE at every show.

While some shows distribute simply local publications, many will give you the pretty, glossy luxury ones, like Wedluxe, Real Weddings and sometimes even Martha!!

So hold your pretty horses and save your pretty pennies. Get them at the shows. [Your welcome boys!]

Fast Tip: Pick these puppies up last, as their heavy and likely weigh you down!


11. Skip the Sample Sale 

If you’re a serious bargain hunter, then gracefully skip this step and head to 12! But if you’re like me and are a sucker for “experience,” then move on…

Most shows will feature at least one salon or designer who’s offering a sample sale on their gowns. While theres nothing wrong with the designs themselves, the lighting typically sucks in the venue, you’re squished amongst others vying for the same dress and many of the gowns have seen better days. They’ve been tossed back and forth, grabbed at endlessly and are likely being worn for the fashion show.

My advice: use the shows as an opportunity to see a sample of the types and styles of gowns that store/ designer carries. Then book an appointment to visit the salon in person for the full experience… proper lighting, room of mirrors, personalized service and a gown of your vary own. Even if it is second hand or a sample,  it hasn’t been trampled on like the “steal of deal” in the bargain bin.


12. Find the Owners

Their work is fabulous but are you sure the work you’re seeing is the actual individual who will show up on the day?

Many times the people standing in the booth are staff of said company, sometimes even contracted PR individuals who simply market the company and know vary little of the actual wedding day operations.

For some [I hate to even share this for fear of upsetting industry friends] the bargain price being advertised as a “show special,”  applies only to their junior professionals or even worse, out sourced workers! [Not that this is necessarily bad; it can be deceiving for those unknowing!]

So ask to speak to the owners and thriple check, heck get it in writing if you can, that the person you’re hiring is the work that’s being featured and will show up on the day!


So there you have it, your 12 step Bridal Show Survival Guide to navigating the seas of booths with ease!

Remember to have fun, my friend. You’ll never get these moments back; so enjoy shopping at it’s best- wedding shopping- with those who can share in your excitement.


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