Bridal Shower Ideas | 6 Unique Themes

October 23

When it comes to bridal shower ideas, coming up with a unique theme can be challenging. Of course you want it to be fun and infectiously pretty, but also functional; a party that equips yet pampers your lovely bride-to-be.

Today, I present to you 6 unique bridal shower themes you may not have thought to consider. Personally, I love them all and how they cater to the individual personalties in each of us.

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Wine Themed Bridal Shower

Ideal for the couple with polished pallets | Have every guest bring their  favourite bottle of wine to enhance the couple’s wine cellar (or cabinet!) I suggest assigning each guest a different grape or region to help encourage variety; you may just bring something they’d never think to try! You may even consider creating a wine tasting or hiring a professional sommelier to educate.


Travel Themed Bridal Shower

Ideal for those with an itch to travel or plans for an exotic honeymoon | Have guests centre their gifts around pivotal travel items (or have everyone go in on them), such as new stand out luggage,  professional camera equipment, language lessons, informative tour books,  and journals. Research local favourites and create a “travel bucket list” of things they should see and do at their destination.  To truly kick things up a notch,  design your menu according to their next destination!


Gardeners Themed Bridal Shower

Ideal for those with a green thumb or dream of a prized home garden | Help prepare your couple for a garden worth envying. Ask the couple to register at a garden center, and suggest guests gift gardening books, tools, seeds, flowerpots, plants, and journals. Think hand-packaged “signature seed”  packets as invitations, or give them out as favours.


Library Themed Bridal Shower

Ideal for those book warms with an avid library collection | Suggest guests bring collectors copies of  beautifully bound books, their must-have favourite authors, or  gift certificate to a bookstore. Send out functional hand-made bookmarks as invitations and create a book-store environment as the setting.


Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

Ideal for the culinary connoisseur or aspiring martha’s | Throw a kitchen- or cooking-themed bridal shower having guests gift gourmet food products, create a collection of your signature dishes and perhaps schedule a cooking lesson during the shower. Try giving each guests a meal time or season to focus on.


Holiday Themed Bridal Shower

Now I’m not talking a Christmas or Halloween themed bridal shower. What I’m referring to is a shower that helps set up the couple to celebrate in style, for all occasions and holidays! Assign each guest a holiday;  a platter for the Thanksgiving turkey, collectable Christmas ornaments, Champagne flutes for New Year’s Eve or an easter place setting. Just think: the items you provide may just become their treasured family heirlooms!


Now tell me: Which bridal shower ideas has your mind whirling with inspiration?!

Have other unique shower themes in mind? Share them below. I’d love to know!

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