Blankets of White Whistler Weddings | Intimate nuptials at Nita Lake Lodge

January 10

Arie and Moya are the epitome of style and taste. So, it was without question they’d hold their intimate winter nuptials at one of Whistler Weddings finest, Nita Lake Lodge. To them, importance lay in their surroundings and their guest experience. It wasn’t about being flashy or over the top, but creating an unforgettable evening of class and poise, where guests felt pampered, appreciated and at-home.

The two tied the knot on Nita Lake’s cobblestone terrace over looking the quiet, pristine lake, blanketed in snow. The setting was truly magical and nothing short of a fairytale backdrop! Being the family affair that it was, Omi, the couples loveable great dane acted as the ring bearer with the rings neatly tied around his neck. And their boys, Michael and Chase, stood handsomely beside their father, honoured to welcome Moya to the family.

Emphasis was put into a remarkable wine list and a lavish dining experience to remember. Moya’s sweet tooth played a major role in influencing their three table, extravagant desserts bar. With everything from gourmet dark chocolate sea salt truffles, to candy apples and the now-vintage Twinkie, their guests indulged in heaven for their taste buds.

To close the evening off with a bang, Arie and Moya surprised guests with a choreographed dance, their son Michael put together for them: “family Gangnum style!”

Myself, and KME associate planner Chiara, were delighted to work with this fabulous cast of vendors. Each of them played an enormous role in creating a remarkable, sophisticated evening to remember! Thank you friends.


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