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September 11

For the past month, I’ve been secretly working away on Baby B’s backyard baby shower. It was an absolute joy to plan and design the celebration for one of dearest friends. [Some of you may even recognize her as a KME model!]

You see, Amy is one who doesn’t like to be fussed over and makes it her mission to make others feel loved. She an overwhelmingly giving individual, who’s warmth and sincerity touches many.

So, sunday was her turn to be the special one and for me to return an once of the joy she brings to others lives!  I wanted to show her how absolutely incredible of  a woman she is and that she deserves to feel like a million bucks, especially at 8 1/2 months pregnant!

I designed the shower with a few things in mind: 1. Amy’s obsession with owls, which happen to adorn her baby nursery   2. Her affection for things modern yet adorable [not overly baby or cutesy]  and 3. Her love of the sun, sky and ocean, represented by the overall theme of “all things Sky.”

My mission: to create a soft mannered atmosphere, that spoke baby but with understated contemporary flair.

When it came to the food, my goal was to offer cozy comfort food that was aesthetic to the eye. Amy loves simple pleasures like chips, quesadillas, hummus, juicy fresh fruit and yummy carbs like bread and crackers. So that’s exactly what I gave her….

  1. Her favourite whipped hummus, with farm fresh veggies and gourmet crackers.
  2. A hearty simple salad
  3. Roasted red pepper, chicken and three cheese quesadillas
  4. Homemade chunky guacamole and spicy salsa, with stone ground tortillas chips
  5. Tropical Fruit Kabobs
  6. Lemon Sorbet Cupcakes with a Fresh Raspberry Centre
  7. Tropical Medley Julips [non-alcoholic of course!]
  8. Rosemary + Cucumber Water

And let’s not forget Amy’s incredible sweet tooth! This lady will do almost anything for a cupcake or macaroon….

The food was scrumptious and made for the perfect feast throughout our afternoon of festivities. We spotted the baby old wives tales, guessed which attributes Amy wants baby to have from mommy + daddy,  guessed how big mommy’s tummy is and even created an adorable birthday card time capsule for baby B to open throughout the years. Not to mention the countless coo worthy gifts she was showered with!

All in all, it was the perfect way to spend a sunday: celebrating a very special mommy-to-be and encouraging her as she enters this incredible new chapter of her life! Hurry Baby B, we’re waiting…..

  • Design + Planning- Kailey Michelle Events
  • Decor + Props – Vintage + thrift store finds
  • Cupcakes + Macaroons- Kien & Sweet
  • Florals-  Bayshore Floral








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